UN Agenda 21 and the Climate Change Cult

There is so many limbs on this topic, it is difficult to decide where to start. I am going to try to connect the dots between Climate change, Agenda 21, and the Pope. I am certain many were wondering why the Pope came to speak to Congress and the United Nations back in November. Well, he is one of the biggest advocates for this lie the power structure is pushing on the entire planet. If you have researched UN Agenda 21 at all, then you know it is a diabolical depopulation plan, forcing change on every family, every person, and every child and baby in the world.

Their claims about global warming because of C02 is preposterous. The IPCC and NOAA have falsified data about the globe getting warmer due to pollution and population. David Rockefeller and some of the UN cronies have decided to buy up all energy and water – why? Well, it isn’t because he cares about the population, quite the contrary. He cares about the population getting any bigger. And this is one reason he has decided to purchase many utility companies around the U.S., and the real reason for this is rationing. Part of the UN Agenda 21 plan is to force everyone to ration their water and electricity. Ever wonder about that new meter the utility company installed on your house? It is a smart meter, and it is also a spy tool. It watches you in your home. California has gone completely green, that is the main topic you will see in the newspapers all over the state, and they have imposed stiff fines on anyone not separating their trash, using too much water, wasting water, among other things. Since they hate the middle class so much, they are their main target. There isn’t anything they want more than to destroy your way of life. Your single family home, your air-conditioned workplace, your full size Chevy truck or SUV. Their utopian plan is to get you out of your house and into a 200 sq ft apartment, and how do they plan to do it? Well, California has it down. They will fine you $100K if you walk on your driveway in the winter, you might disturb a salamander’s mating domain. And in rural towns, they have decided to not fix the roads anymore. Their tax money, which is supposed to go to road repair, trash pickup, street lights, etc. Well, the planning department (which has been hijacked by ICLEI) has decided instead of repairing your roads -they are allocating the tax dollars to high speed rail. Yes, their governor Jerry Brown has proposed the taxpayers money to public transportation. They are demonizing drivers now. And they plan to make driving a vehicle so expensive that most people will give in and ride the bus. Anyway, about these smart meters, California has not only mandated this on every residence, they also expect every resident in the state to have their appliances retrofitted to *Energy Star. Yes, your stove, your refrigerator, your dishwasher will all be chipped so the meter can spy on you. And if you can’t afford to replace your appliances, not to worry, they will set you up with a payment plan, and lien your home until you are paid in full (this is another way they plan to take your home, the housing crisis was another example of that – I will go further into that in another post). Another thing California plans to do, is get rid of all natural gas and natural gas appliances, and I can only assume it is because it cannot be monitored like electricity.

So, why do I say Climate change is a cult? Because they are brainwashing the youth to believe that the older generation was wasters, and since we did nothing to try to fix the problem, we have left a terrible world to them to try to fix. The kids are being brainwashed through Common Core – it isn’t necessarily about education, most of what these kids are being taught is sustainable development, recycling and reusing, and the history of the grocery bag. I say it is a cult because we have celebrities pushing this lie, and trying to convince you to make changes. It is a cult because Washington seems to have made this their number one priority. It is all based on lies. There’s no doubt that we are seeing deforestation, mass dieoffs, wildfires that are burning bigger and hotter – but there is an answer to that. It isn’t too many people messing up the planet, it is HAARP amd geoengineering that have destroyed the planet – from the oceans turning up dead zones for the first time in history,┬áto aluminum particulates showing up in the soil in the wilderness (aluminum shouldn’t show up at all, because it is processed as a bulk, not freeform) and climate engineers playing with the jet stream. There is quite a bit of information out there to support this. I love the way the power structure has lied to us, destroyed the planet with their projects, and blamed it on us! The real reason for this climate hoax is – the power structure had to think of a way to push international law, a common threat to the world, so what better than pollution? So they held their first Earth Summit in 1992, and this is how Agenda 21 came about. By 1995, it was in its first stages. By the year 2000, we were seeing more changes in our cities (ICLEI had begun hijacking local planning departments all over the country, and other countries as well). We saw the UN taking ownership of our ‘open spaces’ – and they are confiscating more land every day. This agenda is the biggest hoax ever played on the population in the history of the world. It is a totalitarian takeover by the United Nations for global governance, one world government.

Their biggest obstacle is this huge population they need to deal with, because there is no way to effectively monitor each and every person, so they have think tanks working for them on how to cull the herd. They have done it via many nefarious means, fluoridating, and putting prescription drugs like sterility drugs and antidepressants into our water supply. Forcing vaccines on children or adults in some workplaces, spraying our skies with heavy metals and toxic nanoparticulates, and I learned recently, cell phone towers are also weaponized. These are more prevalent in densely populated areas, and in the Rand Corp document – they clearly state – we are placing more cell towers in the inner city. (I will post a link to read these documents at the bottom of the page)

I write about this mostly to bring awareness to those who are not familiar with UN Agenda 21, and it was created because of the global crisis of pollution. Now, it isn’t to say that we aren’t responsible to a degree, but we have taken drastic measures to reduce emissions, we have energy saving toilets and water restrictors on our showers, most homes now have energy efficient windows, doors and appliances. I believe the majority of the public has helped to contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources. But that isn’t what it is about – the power structure believes these resources are theirs, and they resent us using them. So they have to create these false shortages to get everyone in a panic. I recently learned – in California we know about their recent drought, well, it was engineered compliments of HAARP and the geoengineering program. And the state has imposed some ridiculous measures on the cizizens like high fines, and they have even set up a snitch program – complete with app on your smartphone. They want everyone to spy on their neighbor who forgot to turn off the sprinkler or who is watering their garden too often. They have even set up a program to sell your lawn, and have it replaced with heat resistent plants (cactus and ugly prickly bushes). They are getting rid of green to be more green? Anyway, what I learned is, there is no water shortage at all. (Go to PrimaryWater.org to learn about the lie being propagated about water shortages).

This climate plan is designed to train the public to get by on as little as possible. And not just reducing their usage of utilities, they are also coming after your food. Yes, that’s right. Meat eating is another unsustainable. They expect the planet to go vegan (tell that to the college football star or the seasonal hunter!). Please do your own research if what I am telling you is too outrageous to believe. Psychopaths are running this planet – and they have a goal, and that is create a 2 class world. The very rich and the very poor. You and I fall into the very poor class. It is already being done in Europe. The EU Parliament is run by Communists, and they don’t care what their citizens have to say. They have imposed inflation, austerity and mass migration on them, and it is coming here. We have a dictator in charge here in America, and he is following the EU plan to the letter. Spain did the ‘green’ thing about 10 years ago, and it bankrupted them. It isn’t a job creator, it is a job killer. We have seen many jobs here go away – either outsourced overseas or shut down altogether all in the name of green. I would encourage you to read the UN Kyoto treaty – this is a document on how to control all of the resources. And 2016 is the year they plan to roll out the first stages of this diabolical plan.

I am attaching a few links here – please read these and share with your friends – this Climate change plan effects all of us – knowledge is power, and we need to fight this or become slaves for the power structure. Thank you for reading and God bless;)


http://www.stopthecrime.net/source.html (Click on Source Docs, there are many of them, find the Rand Corp cell tower poisoning)


I encourage you to watch this video – it explains in detail how we are being poisoned by the world government.



This video will explain how the power structure uses environmentalism to impose fascism, and as you will see, the idea isn’t that new