The Nefarious and Disturbing World of Pedophilia in D.C.


Comet Pizza, Washington, DC – host to many in the political circles, mostly Dems

I would like to begin this with thanks to Steve Pieczenik  and Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder) and the alternative media for tirelessly reporting, researching and sharing this information with us. If it weren’t for these determined reporters, we might not have all of the facts. It is important that the American people be aware of what kind of people are working in the upper echelons of government – right to the very top. The people who have taken an oath to protect the rights of every citizen – are violating the country’s most innocent. Whatever their reasons are for practicing this evil, it is just that – evil of the worst sort. The things I have uncovered in my own research are to say the least, disgusting. God only knows why these people are still free tonight. I hope this investigation continues, and hopefully we can see justice served.

Normally, this would be a topic I would choose to stay away from. I don’t pay too much attention to what is happening in the beltway, but since the facts are so overwhelming, it was difficult to resist. This subject matter is so disturbing, I have cried, as I am sure many others have.

I am talking about the Podesta and Clinton email scandals. And I believe as they dig deeper, they will find more people in D.C. are also involved in this. It is also rumored, this might not be in just D.C., but Nancy Pelosi could be linked to one of these underground child trafficking/pedophilia operations right in San Francisco.

Hillary Clinton was urged to resign before they released these emails, and as we did see, she declined. So, Wikileaks dropped this bomb on Nov. 5th – exposing the very dark world of Satanism – beginning with something called spirit cooking, an event hosted by Marina Abramovic, a Satanic high priestess in their circles, who is also an artist. We will explore that later.


The Podesta brothers – also, a composite sketch of two men seen around the time Madeline McCann went missing from her parents while vacationing in Portugal, 2007

It had come to our attention just a day or two prior, that Hillary and Bill had been connected to the Jeffrey Epstein island estate in the Bahamas – renamed “Pedo Island”. In the emails, it was revealed that both Bill and Hillary had hopped the ‘Lolita Express’ – Bill upwards of 20 times, and Hillary 6. The media was silent. It had been reported that NYPD had stumbled upon these after Anthony Weiners’ laptop had been seized, along with a desktop computer – and the router. Doug Hagmann (from the Hagmann and Hagmann Report) had gone on Alex Jones and reported bits and pieces he had gained from a source inside the intelligence community. And he said then, it gets quite disturbing.


These are images of the logo for ‘Besta Pizza’ – another questionable establishment in the D.C. area. The logo seen above – according to FBI, is another symbol for pedophilia – referencing preference to young boys.

On November 5th, the emails from John Podesta had been released by Wikileaks. There was much talk about ‘pizza’ and ‘ice cream’ – this is code for pedophiles. Strange photographs and artwork of children, some very young. And even a video that came from a pizza/ping-pong joint in D.C. – quite disturbing. The emails discussed a ‘spirit cooking’ party. And there are photos of a strange event with a celebrity and a high priestess standing above an effigy (or an actual human) while blood was being drained from it. It is difficult to say if this is real, but one might ask, if it isn’t real, what is it doing at this ‘event’? At the same event, there is another photo of this same celebrity posing with a small child around the age of 6 in some sort of a costume. Why would a child be at this sick event?

Then, there’s the pizza place, Comet Pizza in D.C. This place is about 5 minutes from the White House, and has many connections to officials in D.C. They have even held fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. But there are some darker and even more disturbing things about this place. The word ‘pizza’ comes up a lot in those emails, I mean, who talks so much about pizza, hot dogs and ice cream? These people are millionaires, and the Podesta brothers are evidently gourmet cooks, so the topic just seems very odd. As some research has discovered, this is code for pedophiles. So, as some of these emails revealed, this joint, Comet Pizza is serving mote than pizza. It seems to be a child trafficking operation, equipped with a strange room appearing to be used for child exploitation. And there are also some strange pictures on the walls of this place, mostly of children. And in the Instagram references, the owner, James Alefantis makes too many references to pizza and children. But the most disturbing thing of all is a video of some sort of ‘private event’ that took place at Comet Pizza. The host is making a direct reference to a woman who is giving birth (?) and doesn’t want to give up her baby, so he had to ‘put that shit down’. ‘Euthanasia’. And then he talks about the baby, God only knows what happened after that.This man is evidently a powerhouse in D.C., and a very close friend to the Podesta brothers, as well as other people who are in D.C., including the Obamas and the Clintons.

The emails are disturbing enough, but the photos and a video taken at an event held at Comet Pizza are even more disturbing. At the end of this write, I will post some of the strange, bizarre, and downright disgusting art and photos linked to the Podesta brothers and the pizza place. The photos depict children, some who appear to be uncomfortable, or even afraid. Some appear to be young girls, maybe teen or pre-teen. Some even seem to reference cannibalism (a sculpture in the home of Tony Podesta appears to have been copied from one of Jeffrey Dahmers victims – (the strange position of the dead body with the head missing).

The photos above depict some of the art in the home of Tony Podesta.  The photos of the young girls do rouse suspicion – who are these children, and why do they have these pictures? Some of the photos were taken by Marina Abramovic. The paintings were created by another artist – Biljiana Djurdjevic – Tony Podesta admires her work, and it is displayed in his home, as well as other works of ‘art’

So, now we delve into the dark world of Marina Abramovic, a witch and high priestess who operates in these circles. In the Wikileaks emails, she is hosting a ‘spirit cooking’ party for the Clintons. These events usually consist of consuming bodily fluids, including urine and blood.  Ms. Abramovic is also an artist, she usually paints using body fluids (mostly blood). And she has close ties to many people in the higher offices of government, as well as the entertainment industry. There is a photo of her with Lady Gaga at one of these spirit cooking events, as well as with Jay-Z in another photo, so moves in the upper circles of entertainment as well. It’s funny, because many people believe that the connection between satanism and the entertainment industry is just a ‘conspiracy theory’, even if it is right in their face, some refuse to even believe it.


Marina Abramovic 

This is by far, the most disturbing write I have ever done. I have children and grandchildren, and to normal people, this is a place where most of us don’t ever want to go. Normal people do not think about this, because this isn’t how our minds work. A natural instinct is to protect children, childhood should be a place of innocence. It it supposed to have good memories, not this. Not what I have seen just in these photos and paintings. Only a very depraved mind seeks to destroy innocence. And it is a fact there is just as much depravity in this world as there is normal. This depravity has infiltrated our government. But it has been there a long time. During the Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr. administrations there was evidence of sex call boy rings. There are books by Cathy O’Brien and Bryce Taylor depicting prostitution, child sex abuse and ritual abuse, the Franklin Cover-up was written in the 1990s as well. I have read excerpts of Bryce Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories”, and this woman was exposed to some of the most depraved ritual abuse, as well as her daughter. They subjected her to MK-Ultra, they tortured her, physically and sexually. They murdered other children in her presence to traumatize her. And this sort of thing happens every day, all over the world. Child sex trafficking is a big business in government, and in the underworld as well.

We must pray for our country. We must pray that the truth, no matter how ugly or how deeply disturbing it is, be exposed, and justice served. It is so troubling that there are so many children who have fallen victim to this. In some of the photos posted here, one must wonder, what is the story behind this photo? Why does this child look so sad? And what happened to that child? Is he/she still alive? We don’t know what is going on there, but one thing is certain, it can’t be good.

A final word. This write began thanking the alternative media. Now, I want to shame the mainstream media, for everything. Their lies, their cover-ups, their bias, and above all, their silence. Their silence to a problem that won’t go away, unless it is exposed. And it begs the question, why the silence? Is there something they know already? Undoubtedly, they run in these circles as well, they must know something. This is the scandal of the century, and they are remaining silent!

In less than 70 days, we will (hopefully) have a new President (provided we don’t see a false flag or something to ‘postpone’ it). He vows to clean up Washington and the corruption. Drain the swamp. I do like Mr. Trump, and I hope what he is saying he can deliver on as well.  So far, the people he is choosing for his administration are not globalists, or people who have been bought and paid for by lobbyists or special interests. For the most part, the vetting has been quite positive, and my faith tells me we can look forward to a brighter future. Don’t ask for perfection. The power structure has been at this for a very long time, it isn’t going to happen overnight. America has been given another chance. Mr. Trump has a lot of work to do. I do look at things on a spiritual level, and I do see God’s hand at work in this. First of all, some major truths have been uncovered over the past 60 days or so. The deepest darkest secrets of people in high places has been revealed. And the world got a chance to learn who Hillary Clinton really is. Some still refuse to believe it, but the ones who have some common sense and real scruples do. Some  very ugly truths were revealed to the world. And that is probably only a fraction of what else is going on. Some evil will remain, but it always ends up rearing its ugly head, it doesn’t stay secret forever. Truth always shines a light on a lie for those who can discern.

Please see the links below, they are just a few of many emails of John Podesta that were found. Thank you for reading, please share this – – I am not sure what the picture was here, but it is a reference to pizza (young girl) -another invitation to a pizza party?


2 thoughts on “The Nefarious and Disturbing World of Pedophilia in D.C.

    • Thank you! It really isn’t enough. I think we all know there is a lot more to this story than we will ever be told. I think it is a milestone that is has (finally) been exposed, but this is D.C.s dirty little secret, and it’s been going on for a long time. These people are psychopaths. They seek guidance from ‘Lucifer’, and it their gratitude, they abuse and sacrifice children. This story shouldn’t go away. The perps are using ‘blame the messenger’ tactics to steer the story away from themselves, but truthfully, this practice is rampant in all areas of government. They do it for money and power. And it’s sick. And these people have been making decisions for us for too long.


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