Jade Helm, Agenda 21 and you

Many of us have been paying close attention to this drill – or exercise – Jade Helm. Some of us have never even heard of it. The mainstream media is ignoring it, and even minimizing it – like it is no big deal. This is a big deal – this is Obama’s promise of ‘Transformation of America’. It’s been happening for years, but this is another level. As we have witnessed our freedoms being eroded away, we are becoming a Big Brother society with cameras, drones, DHS has even set up a snitch program – yes, the snoops are actually rewarded for reporting ‘questionable’ behavior. But we have something new going on, right now, in 7 states (I hear it could be as high as 16).  And that is Jade Helm.Tanks, FEMA vehicles, UN vehicles have been spotted literally in every state – why? What is it they are planning? It isn’t just a drill. The hegalean dialectic – Problem – reaction – solution. The stage is being set for something huge. So, what will it be? CERN? Some believe it is the TPP. I could speculate – I am honestly not sure what their plans are – but there is no question, something is definitely going on.

So, what does JADE HELM stand for? JOINT ASSISTANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND EXECUTION and HELM is HOMELAND EXTRACTION OF LOCAL MILITANTS – it is a disarmament operation. Not a drill, not an exercise.This is on the Air Force Research publication dated 2001 and it is also published on Dept of State Pub.Disarmament Series 5; dated 1961. The 15 is simply for the year 2015. There is also a computer program that is used for engagement – it is designed to develop the plans to carry out operations. My source for what the acronym stands for was Linda Kirby from ‘What’s goin on’ newsletter. Thanks Linda for your diligent research.

Since UN Agenda 21 was implemented, we have witnessed our freedoms being compromised – we exchanged our freedoms for security when the Patriot Act was enacted. We exchanged a great deal of our Constitutional rights for ‘security’. Now, in ‘town hall’ meetings, you will notice your own hall meetings are now met with armed security (usually local law enforcement) – in case someone gets out of line by ‘voicing their opinion’. It is the new ‘consensus’. (See Delphi technique – Rand Corporation).

No one can say for certain what is really happening. I know that our neighbor Washington to the east (about 70 mi from me) – they are really on board with this – yes, DHS has provided (as in many ‘compliant’ counties) big bulletproof military vehicles for the local Sherriff’s dept. And in California, they use them to enforce ‘ordinances’. Yes, if you have been fined for not watering or mowing your lawn, having an unregistered vehicle on your private property, if you haven’t paid your fine (which is usually over $50K) – they will show up at your house in tactical SWAT style – armored vehicle and all – just to arrest you for owing the money. There are several horror stories out there, and I will leave some links at the bottom of this page.

JADE HELM and UN Agenda 21 are connected. Both of them were implemented and even written by the UN for us. The UN Agenda 21 side of it – is a stealth plan, international but operating on a local level (some monikers are ‘Sustainable development, ICLEI (international council for Local Environmental Initiatives), Smart growth, and there are many others. If you visit your local planning department, you can ask to see some of their documentation on Sustainable development. How they began Agenda 21 was by re-writing our way of life, all for the sake of the planet – the common good. Which is totalitarianism.  (Global warming was also “invented by the UN – see The Iron Mountain Report). The way they planned to do this – was to create the crisis (problem=global warming) reaction= “The earth is getting hotter, and it is because there are too many people on the planet with too much stuff” Solution = UN Agenda 21 – “we will have to convince everyone on the planet that big changes are coming if we don’t stop populating and driving cars and using air conditioning, so we will make it international law to do so.” And that is how the US fell under UN law – that, my friends, is hegalean dialectic. Because of it, our way of life has changed dramatically, beginning 20 years or so ago, whe President Clinton began “The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development”. I am getting away from topic, so I will explain more about UN Agenda 21 at another time. But basically, it is a form of social engineering – why wouldn’t anyone want to be ‘sustainable’ or ‘smart’? I am not against any of this. What I am against is  -my rights to do what I want on my private property as a US citizen is violated by NGOs who will red tag me if I am washing my car in the driveway – because the soap I am using is ‘unsustainable’. They are only doing this so they can red tag and ordinance the shit out of us in order to take our property.

So what is the correlation between JADE HELM and Agenda 21? Both are designed to take our rights. JADE HELM is about disarmament of the citizen, and UN Agenda 21 is about taking away your rights – including your free speech. This didn’t happen overnight. They have been doing it since the 1970s, but it has been incremental. If it was all done at once, we would have noticed it and fought it. So, while we were busy, going to school, work, raising our families – we weren’t paying attention to what was going on right under our noses. But it has an even more sinister twist  – the TPP is coming down the pike. And we all know that was also implemented by an international organization. JADE HELM  is designed to implement martial law, since no one is going to hand over their guns, they are going to force you to give them up – and martial law would be one way to do it. (Think back to Katrina). I have attached an article by Dave Hodges about the correlation of JADE HELM and TPP.

So, I will be called a conspiracy theorist or a kook in a tin foil hat for even daring to mention any of this. That is how they dismiss it – they tell the masses via the mass media – it doesn’t exist, or its just a drill, or its not that big of a deal – or you are just plain crazy for even talking about it! Please remember that mega corporations own the media outlets – and they are the ones who wrote the guidelines for the TPP! And it wasn’t written in favor of any of us, it was written in their favor. And the same people who are pushing this, sit on boards for Sustainable development – all the while taking your hard earned money via taxation to pay for this nightmare they are forcing on us. I would love to write more about this – I really haven’t prepared this blog enough to do so, I would just like to get the info out, so along with this short blog, I am attaching some vital information regarding all three topics I have put out. I am also attaching a video or two – because a lot of these people have worked hard on their research and have devoted their lives to getting our country back. Thank you for reading.