Drunk Fed points gun @ Uber driver

I just gotta give my two cents to this. It seems brutality and mental illness are now a requirement to get into law enforcement. Yesterday, in Salt Lake City, UT, a driver for Uber gave a lift to a Federal agent and ended up having a gun pulled on him FOR NO REASON. The bullies have taken over law enforcement. It seems this is how they are trained now. We are the enemy. That is what the trainees for law enforcement are being taught, that we are the true threat. It used to be, we could feel safe when an officer was patrolling, but now, because of how they are trained, regular folk, like you, like me, gotta look over our shoulder. If you don’t believe what I am writing, just go look up the list of terror threats on the Homeland Security homepage. Why do local police have to be trained now by our military? Are we really the threat? Anyway, a psychological evaluation used to be protocol to be considered for a job in law enforcement, now I guess a psychotic evaluation will land you a job with the Federal government.



So, I am reading the stories on my News Feed on FB, and I ran across a clip about Michelle Obama at a conference in DC yesterday. The midterms are approaching, and shes on the campaign trail for the left. Well, her remarks were what prompted me to write my first blog here.

So, she says she is upset because Americans “take for granted” what Barack has done for us. Done for us? DONE FOR US? What about what he’s done to us? What about the 700B stimulus that wasn’t even for us? All it did was run up the debt and impose MORE regulations. What about Cap and Trade? What about taxing the middle class into the poorhouse until there is no more middle class? What about all of the executive orders? What about socializing America and taking away our freedoms? That’s just to name a few things he’s “done for us”.

So I want to ask Michelle, are you smoking crack?  Does she really believe what she is saying? She goes on to say that we are ungrateful because we don’t appreciate that America is a better place today because of all Barack has done for us. It’s sad. It’s sad that anyone who believes that giving up freedoms is a good thing needs a reality check or should move to another country. This was a beautiful country, until our freedoms began eroding away. So, with the mid terms upon us, what do we do? Do we let this continue to happen? Or do we at least try to gain control of the House and Senate, and win back our country.  If we don’t, we are going to continue to lose more and more, until we look like Soviet Russia.