The Protesting Degenerates

Donald Trump protest tear gasAs I have been viewing the MSM cover the (funded) protests across the country, I can only look on with disgust. It is very clear to those of us who are awake, what is really going on here. These are staged protests. These are the brainwashed feminazis, social justice warriors, illegals, terrorists in training, black lives matter, and even the communist party all grouped up at one big idiotfest. The very sad thing is, they really believe they are standing up for something, but they do not know what. If they are asked why they hate Trump, they will only say “racist”, or “homophob”, or “he is going to deport my family”. They don’t have a clue.

The MSM is calling these protests “peaceful”. They are not. They are spewing hatred and even murder. They are smearing shit on cars. They are throwing bottles. They are burning American flags and smashing up businesses, well, why don’t they relocate to North Korea? Where there are no elections! They are violent, they showed us that at the Trump rallies. Same usual suspects. They preach ‘unity’, but they are very divided. The brainwashing and disinformation these people are throwing up is laughable. They don’t even know their history, they have never researched anything, why would anyone listen to these idiots? They believe every word of rhetoric they hear. They take the advice of stupid people like Miley Cyrus – a crackwhore waste of a life. They are blind, and for some reason, they are angry that a communist won’t be running the country any longer. Do they really think they are going to get their way? Anyway, the media insists these protests are peaceful, but they are out of control. The riot police showed up in Portland. They are shutting down interstates across the country. This is dangerous, not to them, I don’t care about these wastes of life, they are a danger to others as they have proven time and again.

Well, if you follow the money, it will lead you right to ‘’. Yes, the puppet-master is at it once again, communist George Soros, trying to destabilize the country. He’s desperate. Paying his minions to get out there and wreak havoc. This is what whining losers do, they attack. This is the behavior of all of these sick individuals. He is so desperate, he is calling for a new U.S. Constitution and an end to the electoral vote. The electoral is something we have been doing in this country for 200 years, and this moron thinks he can just snap his fingers and get what he wants by throwing a tantrum? And that is exactly what his protesters are doing, throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way. He is a sore loser, he is desperate, and it isn’t a secret any longer that it is him stirring up all of this shit. He fears being hung from a lamp post – well, if it happens, all the better.

I think many of us can say we are happy that Hillary lost. Eight years of failed policies, more taxes and regulations, media lies, a power tripping president, I think we are tired of seeing injustice after injustice, high crimes and treason right in our face, as the media just looks on and says nothing. The injustices from NDAA, to Fast and Furious, to false flags, to race-baiting, to coddling terrorists, to attempts to overthrow governments, to the Arab Spring (which Hillary and Obama both incited), to Benghazi, to Hillary’s pedophilia and satanism, to all of the other blatant corruption, I think we have had enough. To think these people are protesting because Hillary the pedophile/murderer/satanist didn’t win! I can only say it is a relief that good ‘Trumps’ evil (pun intended). Let’s pray we can also see some real justice.


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