White Genocide


Mural inside the United Nations Security Council Building – Apocalyptic Scenario

I have tried to stay away from this topic, but I just can’t any longer. Since the 2016 election, with all of the protests, the snowflakes, the feminists, the B.LM crowd, and the social justice warriors, I have seen an enormous uptick in the hatred toward white people. I began researching this a few years back, and I have really tried to avoid writing about it because it is such a sensitive topic, but I feel I need to write about it so people can understand why it is happening, where it originated from, where it’s been, and where it is going.

It is worldwide. Normally my posts are about U.N. Agenda 21 (globalization), and this topic goes right to the heart of it. In my research, I have found that all evil in our world can be traced back to the United Nations. So, I am going to try to draw a timeline of where I believe this anto-white movement began, and what the endgame is.

In order to understand who and what the United Nations is, we need to go back to its origins. It was founded following the end of WW2, by the Rockefeller foundation. J.D. Rockefeller had donated the land in New York City for the building, and the United Nations sits on American soil still today. The purpose of its founding was ‘so history would never repeat itself like the tragedy of WW2 and we would never see anything like it again’ (these same people orchestrated and funded both sides of that war). They tried to do it after WW1, but the nations refused, because it meant countries would have to relinquish their sovereignty.  It was developed under the guise of keeping nations in ‘check’ but it became the policeman of the world. So, after 70 years of being around, it has grown bigger and uglier than ever. I wrote a blog a few months ago – translating U.N. language – it is a lot of double speak. Anyway, I am going to do my best to trace the origins of the hatred we are seeing toward whites – and it isn’t just in the U.S., it is worldwide. I really want to make sure this article is accurate, so I will be noting my sources at the end of the write.


Mural Display at Denver International Airport – Chemical Warfare on Population

So, the pressure on S Africa (SA) began in the early 90s when the poitical leaders of US, Canada and Europe demanded S Africa turn over leadership to the A.N.C. (SA’s communist party-African National Congress). A man named Joe Slovo was the brains behind it. He was a S African political leader, also anti-apartheid. He was then the leader of the A.N.C. at the time. He then became Minister of Housing under Nelson Mandela, and it was during this time the slaughter of many white S African farmers and their famiies began. Since then, the problem for whites has only worsened. Genocide Watch, and organization that keeps record of genocides happening around the world, rates  these countries on a scale, 8 being highest. SA is at 8. The numbers of murders since the A.N.C. came into power is upwards of 70,000 to date, (this is only an estimate, as the SA government does not keep any records of the murders of whites). The discrimination is so severe, they do not allow whites to be employed, so many white families are living in what is knows as ‘sqatter camps’, sort of like tent cities. And they lack the basic necessities for survival, adequate shelter, running wat55er, heat, and sanitation just to name a few. It has been an ongoing campaign of extermination. There is also a law which went into effect over the last couple of years – it is called B.E.E. -Black Economic Empowerment – it is the equivalent of our Affirmative Action. And it has severely hurt the white population. The law favors the black population. There is no welfare like food, healthcare or housing available to whites, blacks only. I may be wrong, but I believe I read a few yearsu7 ago – that charity to whites is illegal, only black families may receive charity! Their own government has called for the extermination of whites and I am talking government officials, high ranking politicians, including their president! Meanwhile, this situation has been largely e – but given their history, it is no surprise. So, while the left is calling for mass migration into the U.S. from countries in the middle east in the name of ‘humanitarian’, why don’t the people of S Africa qualify? Why haven’t we taken any steps to help these people? I can name one reason, the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. But the main culprit is the United Nations. Not only did they start this fire, they intend to carry it out to the fullest unless we can draw this out of the shadows.  The United Nations is solely responsible for masterminding this atrocity. HIstory should be obvious, The U.N. is in the business of depopulation. Just look at the apocalyptic painting that hangs in the meeting room.

denver.airport.2Sticking to the timeline, we can venture over to Europe. The history of the migrant crisis claims to have begun in 2015, but it really was much earlier than that. Since the early 2000s, countries in Europe like Sweden, France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Italy (just to name a few) began accepting migrants from the middle East – countries like Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq just to name a few. The E.U. told the people of Europe it was to grow the population because countries in Europe had a ‘declining’ population. A few years later, the story changed while they were still bringing people in from the middle east, now it was for the purposes of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ – because Europe was ‘too white’. Jump ahead to the next decade, now we have a ‘refugee crisis’ (even though the ‘refugees’ are primarily healthy, strong men, ages 18-40). Now, we have a real crisis in Europe because the citizens of Europe are becoming outnumbered by immigrants. There is no need to elaborate on the crisis there, it is pretty obvious. With Brexit, and soon to be ‘Frexit’ – this story has made it into the headlines of the mainstream. Not all of it though. The countless rapes, the violent crimes, the rioting, the burning of government facilities and schools, the repeated marches and demands by the Muslim population are never mentioned. Affirmative action is alive and well in Europe too – more and more of Europe’s own are facing their own discrimination – mostly in the name of ‘hate crime’ or ‘tolerance’. I have to say – Muslims are the most intolerant people on the planet. Europeans are told to ‘put up or shut up’. Many crimes, mostly rapes of young women, go unreported, or the media will minimize it by not identifying the perpetrator as middle easter, just like a terrorist attack wasn’t a terrorist attack.God forbid we ‘offend’ any Muslims. Is there anything that doesn’t offend them? I am offended by their lack of self control. I am offended by their inflammatory hate speech. Instead of protecting their young women, the governments tell them things like “Don’t wear short dresses or skirts”. Really? This is their country! And to accommodate these invaders, citizens in countries like Germany are being told ‘fuck your rights’ and ‘We must treat these people with respect’. Really? Respect? I don’t live in Europe, but I have watched many YouTube videos by citizens in Europe complaining about things these people from the third world do like – shitting in the street, hanging out in ‘packs’ and violently attacking citizens who are not Muslim, starting riots over stupid things like the food bank running out of Nutella, demanding pork be restricted in the schools, just to name of few of the many ‘customs’ of these people. All the while, their government tells them that complaining about this is a hate crime. The police in many of these countries are not allowed to do anything about any of their crimes, either. They are told to be tolerant to the barbarians. Europe is rich in history and culture (I am very proud of my Irish ancestry, and it is dying – being replaced by the 3rd world). Their history and culture is being erased, the people in many of these countries aren’t even heard by their governments – just discriminated and labeled ‘xenophobic’, or ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’. These words have become an every day expression for white people. All ivy-league institutions are all teaching the minorities to hate white people. ‘White privilege’ is another made up term by the far left. And sadly, it isn’t just in the U.S., it is in every country where white people make up the population (Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as well, not as vast as Europe yet,  but catching up). We now have far left crackpots spreading the message of white hate. Movements like social justice warriors, 3rd wave feminism and Black Lives Matter are catalysts for hatred towards whites, and there’s no reasoning with them. Blame whitey is the order of the day. Name-calling is what they resort to if you aren’t in agreement with them. But kill the white person isn’t considered hate speech or racist, since it has been propagated to these far leftnut jobs that only white people can be racist, so go ahead and say all of the mean hateful things you can think of against whites – because only whites are racist. They are telling small white children, like kindergarten – they should be ashamed of of their whiteness and they were born racist! Is this evil or what? I live in Idaho, but I am staying in the L.A. area  taking care of my Mom, and I see the problem here. My older daughter also lives here, she has been looking for work and it is quite apparent her problem might be the color of her skin. I have received the dirty looks by people of different races here. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s, and the neighborhood was all white. Different people lived in different communities then. Now, the same little town is a mix of different race groups, and it appears white is becoming the minority, and it is becoming this way in many cities across the U.S. And it all stems from the George Soros funded crackpot organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center (S.P.L.C.). This organization is nothing but a hate group, hate for whites. What this place does is research the  demographics of middle class communities around the U.S. If a community is considered ‘too white’, or ‘not diverse enough’,  they will pay minorities of selected races to relocate there with the promise of housing and employment. I know, because it is happening to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The population there has doubled since 2000, when many transplants began arriving – they call it ‘white flight’. And with this mass migration, many liberals began showing up too. Their goal was to ‘change the demographics’, so they brought in UN Agenda 21 and S.P.L.C. Now we are ‘diverse’. As the White Genocide project says – “Chased down”. Originally, it was primarily white people relocating from California because they were getting squeezed out of their communities, after that followed many diverse minority groups. So, the charm of this little place (which I fell in love with when I originally moved there 20 years ago) has turned into the development of section 8 apartment buildings and some track housing, corporate shopping centers, bi-lingual everywhere, 24 hour establishments, long lines at places like the D.M.V., school overcrowding, traffic that looks just like L.A., and many other things to just destroy the charm of the quaint, quiet, conservative little community I once knew. I don’t know why these people chose Idaho, the wages are terrible. These people were probably making 3 times as much in California, but I would imagine the move was worth it. It didn’t effect me too much because I am a tipped employee. I have been a waitress for many years, but for a professional – the pay is considerably lower in Idaho than it is in California.

So far, I have covered S Africa and Europe. I would cover Australia and Canada, but I haven’t researched it enough. I know many migrants have been sent to both countries, and Canada plans to accept many more. For now, since we have President Trump, I don’t believe it is going to happen any time soon, but it will happen. It has nothing to do with ‘multiculturalism’ or ‘diversity’, it has everything to do with genocide. I will attach a link to the page that gives this definition, and whites all over the world are falling into all groups and sub groups of genocide, of course S Africa has reached the levels defining a true humanitarian crisis, and I believe if we want to know what is in a future for white people, just look at S Africa. How this has been so largely ignored is mind numbing. It has been deliberately kept from or simply ignored by the press. Instead, they feed us bullshit like this created crisis in Syria. The only reason we went after Syria is because it is the last country in the middle east that hasn’t been taken over by radical Islam. The U.N. has masterminded all of it.

Ok, I have outlined as much as I possibly could. Before I go on my rant, I wanted to lay out the facts, because it seems like one day we just woke up and all of these new phrases  sprang up like ‘white guilt’ or ‘white privilege’. It didn’t just start, this has been a well calculated campaign going on for a very long time. Many people do not know where it came from, and not enough people know about the atrocities happening daily in S Africa. Since the end of apartheid and the new government taking over (the A.N.C.),  Capetown, S Africa is now become the murder capital of the world, with the highest crime rate. I was listening to a man lecture on this subject, and he said when he went to visit, he was driving around town there, and his guide wouldn’t come to a complete stop at any stop sign or any light. So he asked why, and the guide told him because it is too unsafe. If you stop your car, there are hijackers waiting at every corner to bust your window, steal your wallet, your cell phone, or the car itself. And the police won’t help. Many of them are corrupt, and the good ones have reported that they are outgunned by the criminals.