White Genocide


Mural inside the United Nations Security Council Building – Apocalyptic Scenario

I have tried to stay away from this topic, but I just can’t any longer. Since the 2016 election, with all of the protests, the snowflakes, the feminists, the B.LM crowd, and the social justice warriors, I have seen an enormous uptick in the hatred toward white people. I began researching this a few years back, and I have really tried to avoid writing about it because it is such a sensitive topic, but I feel I need to write about it so people can understand why it is happening, where it originated from, where it’s been, and where it is going.

It is worldwide. Normally my posts are about U.N. Agenda 21 (globalization), and this topic goes right to the heart of it. In my research, I have found that all evil in our world can be traced back to the United Nations. So, I am going to try to draw a timeline of where I believe this anto-white movement began, and what the endgame is.

In order to understand who and what the United Nations is, we need to go back to its origins. It was founded following the end of WW2, by the Rockefeller foundation. J.D. Rockefeller had donated the land in New York City for the building, and the United Nations sits on American soil still today. The purpose of its founding was ‘so history would never repeat itself like the tragedy of WW2 and we would never see anything like it again’ (these same people orchestrated and funded both sides of that war). They tried to do it after WW1, but the nations refused, because it meant countries would have to relinquish their sovereignty.  It was developed under the guise of keeping nations in ‘check’ but it became the policeman of the world. So, after 70 years of being around, it has grown bigger and uglier than ever. I wrote a blog a few months ago – translating U.N. language – it is a lot of double speak. Anyway, I am going to do my best to trace the origins of the hatred we are seeing toward whites – and it isn’t just in the U.S., it is worldwide. I really want to make sure this article is accurate, so I will be noting my sources at the end of the write.


Mural Display at Denver International Airport – Chemical Warfare on Population

So, the pressure on S Africa (SA) began in the early 90s when the poitical leaders of US, Canada and Europe demanded S Africa turn over leadership to the A.N.C. (SA’s communist party-African National Congress). A man named Joe Slovo was the brains behind it. He was a S African political leader, also anti-apartheid. He was then the leader of the A.N.C. at the time. He then became Minister of Housing under Nelson Mandela, and it was during this time the slaughter of many white S African farmers and their famiies began. Since then, the problem for whites has only worsened. Genocide Watch, and organization that keeps record of genocides happening around the world, rates  these countries on a scale, 8 being highest. SA is at 8. The numbers of murders since the A.N.C. came into power is upwards of 70,000 to date, (this is only an estimate, as the SA government does not keep any records of the murders of whites). The discrimination is so severe, they do not allow whites to be employed, so many white families are living in what is knows as ‘sqatter camps’, sort of like tent cities. And they lack the basic necessities for survival, adequate shelter, running wat55er, heat, and sanitation just to name a few. It has been an ongoing campaign of extermination. There is also a law which went into effect over the last couple of years – it is called B.E.E. -Black Economic Empowerment – it is the equivalent of our Affirmative Action. And it has severely hurt the white population. The law favors the black population. There is no welfare like food, healthcare or housing available to whites, blacks only. I may be wrong, but I believe I read a few yearsu7 ago – that charity to whites is illegal, only black families may receive charity! Their own government has called for the extermination of whites and I am talking government officials, high ranking politicians, including their president! Meanwhile, this situation has been largely e – but given their history, it is no surprise. So, while the left is calling for mass migration into the U.S. from countries in the middle east in the name of ‘humanitarian’, why don’t the people of S Africa qualify? Why haven’t we taken any steps to help these people? I can name one reason, the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. But the main culprit is the United Nations. Not only did they start this fire, they intend to carry it out to the fullest unless we can draw this out of the shadows.  The United Nations is solely responsible for masterminding this atrocity. HIstory should be obvious, The U.N. is in the business of depopulation. Just look at the apocalyptic painting that hangs in the meeting room.

denver.airport.2Sticking to the timeline, we can venture over to Europe. The history of the migrant crisis claims to have begun in 2015, but it really was much earlier than that. Since the early 2000s, countries in Europe like Sweden, France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Italy (just to name a few) began accepting migrants from the middle East – countries like Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq just to name a few. The E.U. told the people of Europe it was to grow the population because countries in Europe had a ‘declining’ population. A few years later, the story changed while they were still bringing people in from the middle east, now it was for the purposes of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ – because Europe was ‘too white’. Jump ahead to the next decade, now we have a ‘refugee crisis’ (even though the ‘refugees’ are primarily healthy, strong men, ages 18-40). Now, we have a real crisis in Europe because the citizens of Europe are becoming outnumbered by immigrants. There is no need to elaborate on the crisis there, it is pretty obvious. With Brexit, and soon to be ‘Frexit’ – this story has made it into the headlines of the mainstream. Not all of it though. The countless rapes, the violent crimes, the rioting, the burning of government facilities and schools, the repeated marches and demands by the Muslim population are never mentioned. Affirmative action is alive and well in Europe too – more and more of Europe’s own are facing their own discrimination – mostly in the name of ‘hate crime’ or ‘tolerance’. I have to say – Muslims are the most intolerant people on the planet. Europeans are told to ‘put up or shut up’. Many crimes, mostly rapes of young women, go unreported, or the media will minimize it by not identifying the perpetrator as middle easter, just like a terrorist attack wasn’t a terrorist attack.God forbid we ‘offend’ any Muslims. Is there anything that doesn’t offend them? I am offended by their lack of self control. I am offended by their inflammatory hate speech. Instead of protecting their young women, the governments tell them things like “Don’t wear short dresses or skirts”. Really? This is their country! And to accommodate these invaders, citizens in countries like Germany are being told ‘fuck your rights’ and ‘We must treat these people with respect’. Really? Respect? I don’t live in Europe, but I have watched many YouTube videos by citizens in Europe complaining about things these people from the third world do like – shitting in the street, hanging out in ‘packs’ and violently attacking citizens who are not Muslim, starting riots over stupid things like the food bank running out of Nutella, demanding pork be restricted in the schools, just to name of few of the many ‘customs’ of these people. All the while, their government tells them that complaining about this is a hate crime. The police in many of these countries are not allowed to do anything about any of their crimes, either. They are told to be tolerant to the barbarians. Europe is rich in history and culture (I am very proud of my Irish ancestry, and it is dying – being replaced by the 3rd world). Their history and culture is being erased, the people in many of these countries aren’t even heard by their governments – just discriminated and labeled ‘xenophobic’, or ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’. These words have become an every day expression for white people. All ivy-league institutions are all teaching the minorities to hate white people. ‘White privilege’ is another made up term by the far left. And sadly, it isn’t just in the U.S., it is in every country where white people make up the population (Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as well, not as vast as Europe yet,  but catching up). We now have far left crackpots spreading the message of white hate. Movements like social justice warriors, 3rd wave feminism and Black Lives Matter are catalysts for hatred towards whites, and there’s no reasoning with them. Blame whitey is the order of the day. Name-calling is what they resort to if you aren’t in agreement with them. But kill the white person isn’t considered hate speech or racist, since it has been propagated to these far leftnut jobs that only white people can be racist, so go ahead and say all of the mean hateful things you can think of against whites – because only whites are racist. They are telling small white children, like kindergarten – they should be ashamed of of their whiteness and they were born racist! Is this evil or what? I live in Idaho, but I am staying in the L.A. area  taking care of my Mom, and I see the problem here. My older daughter also lives here, she has been looking for work and it is quite apparent her problem might be the color of her skin. I have received the dirty looks by people of different races here. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s, and the neighborhood was all white. Different people lived in different communities then. Now, the same little town is a mix of different race groups, and it appears white is becoming the minority, and it is becoming this way in many cities across the U.S. And it all stems from the George Soros funded crackpot organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center (S.P.L.C.). This organization is nothing but a hate group, hate for whites. What this place does is research the  demographics of middle class communities around the U.S. If a community is considered ‘too white’, or ‘not diverse enough’,  they will pay minorities of selected races to relocate there with the promise of housing and employment. I know, because it is happening to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The population there has doubled since 2000, when many transplants began arriving – they call it ‘white flight’. And with this mass migration, many liberals began showing up too. Their goal was to ‘change the demographics’, so they brought in UN Agenda 21 and S.P.L.C. Now we are ‘diverse’. As the White Genocide project says – “Chased down”. Originally, it was primarily white people relocating from California because they were getting squeezed out of their communities, after that followed many diverse minority groups. So, the charm of this little place (which I fell in love with when I originally moved there 20 years ago) has turned into the development of section 8 apartment buildings and some track housing, corporate shopping centers, bi-lingual everywhere, 24 hour establishments, long lines at places like the D.M.V., school overcrowding, traffic that looks just like L.A., and many other things to just destroy the charm of the quaint, quiet, conservative little community I once knew. I don’t know why these people chose Idaho, the wages are terrible. These people were probably making 3 times as much in California, but I would imagine the move was worth it. It didn’t effect me too much because I am a tipped employee. I have been a waitress for many years, but for a professional – the pay is considerably lower in Idaho than it is in California.

So far, I have covered S Africa and Europe. I would cover Australia and Canada, but I haven’t researched it enough. I know many migrants have been sent to both countries, and Canada plans to accept many more. For now, since we have President Trump, I don’t believe it is going to happen any time soon, but it will happen. It has nothing to do with ‘multiculturalism’ or ‘diversity’, it has everything to do with genocide. I will attach a link to the page that gives this definition, and whites all over the world are falling into all groups and sub groups of genocide, of course S Africa has reached the levels defining a true humanitarian crisis, and I believe if we want to know what is in a future for white people, just look at S Africa. How this has been so largely ignored is mind numbing. It has been deliberately kept from or simply ignored by the press. Instead, they feed us bullshit like this created crisis in Syria. The only reason we went after Syria is because it is the last country in the middle east that hasn’t been taken over by radical Islam. The U.N. has masterminded all of it.

Ok, I have outlined as much as I possibly could. Before I go on my rant, I wanted to lay out the facts, because it seems like one day we just woke up and all of these new phrases  sprang up like ‘white guilt’ or ‘white privilege’. It didn’t just start, this has been a well calculated campaign going on for a very long time. Many people do not know where it came from, and not enough people know about the atrocities happening daily in S Africa. Since the end of apartheid and the new government taking over (the A.N.C.),  Capetown, S Africa is now become the murder capital of the world, with the highest crime rate. I was listening to a man lecture on this subject, and he said when he went to visit, he was driving around town there, and his guide wouldn’t come to a complete stop at any stop sign or any light. So he asked why, and the guide told him because it is too unsafe. If you stop your car, there are hijackers waiting at every corner to bust your window, steal your wallet, your cell phone, or the car itself. And the police won’t help. Many of them are corrupt, and the good ones have reported that they are outgunned by the criminals.






The Nefarious and Disturbing World of Pedophilia in D.C.


Comet Pizza, Washington, DC – host to many in the political circles, mostly Dems

I would like to begin this with thanks to Steve Pieczenik  and Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder) and the alternative media for tirelessly reporting, researching and sharing this information with us. If it weren’t for these determined reporters, we might not have all of the facts. It is important that the American people be aware of what kind of people are working in the upper echelons of government – right to the very top. The people who have taken an oath to protect the rights of every citizen – are violating the country’s most innocent. Whatever their reasons are for practicing this evil, it is just that – evil of the worst sort. The things I have uncovered in my own research are to say the least, disgusting. God only knows why these people are still free tonight. I hope this investigation continues, and hopefully we can see justice served.

Normally, this would be a topic I would choose to stay away from. I don’t pay too much attention to what is happening in the beltway, but since the facts are so overwhelming, it was difficult to resist. This subject matter is so disturbing, I have cried, as I am sure many others have.

I am talking about the Podesta and Clinton email scandals. And I believe as they dig deeper, they will find more people in D.C. are also involved in this. It is also rumored, this might not be in just D.C., but Nancy Pelosi could be linked to one of these underground child trafficking/pedophilia operations right in San Francisco.

Hillary Clinton was urged to resign before they released these emails, and as we did see, she declined. So, Wikileaks dropped this bomb on Nov. 5th – exposing the very dark world of Satanism – beginning with something called spirit cooking, an event hosted by Marina Abramovic, a Satanic high priestess in their circles, who is also an artist. We will explore that later.


The Podesta brothers – also, a composite sketch of two men seen around the time Madeline McCann went missing from her parents while vacationing in Portugal, 2007

It had come to our attention just a day or two prior, that Hillary and Bill had been connected to the Jeffrey Epstein island estate in the Bahamas – renamed “Pedo Island”. In the emails, it was revealed that both Bill and Hillary had hopped the ‘Lolita Express’ – Bill upwards of 20 times, and Hillary 6. The media was silent. It had been reported that NYPD had stumbled upon these after Anthony Weiners’ laptop had been seized, along with a desktop computer – and the router. Doug Hagmann (from the Hagmann and Hagmann Report) had gone on Alex Jones and reported bits and pieces he had gained from a source inside the intelligence community. And he said then, it gets quite disturbing.


These are images of the logo for ‘Besta Pizza’ – another questionable establishment in the D.C. area. The logo seen above – according to FBI, is another symbol for pedophilia – referencing preference to young boys.

On November 5th, the emails from John Podesta had been released by Wikileaks. There was much talk about ‘pizza’ and ‘ice cream’ – this is code for pedophiles. Strange photographs and artwork of children, some very young. And even a video that came from a pizza/ping-pong joint in D.C. – quite disturbing. The emails discussed a ‘spirit cooking’ party. And there are photos of a strange event with a celebrity and a high priestess standing above an effigy (or an actual human) while blood was being drained from it. It is difficult to say if this is real, but one might ask, if it isn’t real, what is it doing at this ‘event’? At the same event, there is another photo of this same celebrity posing with a small child around the age of 6 in some sort of a costume. Why would a child be at this sick event?

Then, there’s the pizza place, Comet Pizza in D.C. This place is about 5 minutes from the White House, and has many connections to officials in D.C. They have even held fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. But there are some darker and even more disturbing things about this place. The word ‘pizza’ comes up a lot in those emails, I mean, who talks so much about pizza, hot dogs and ice cream? These people are millionaires, and the Podesta brothers are evidently gourmet cooks, so the topic just seems very odd. As some research has discovered, this is code for pedophiles. So, as some of these emails revealed, this joint, Comet Pizza is serving mote than pizza. It seems to be a child trafficking operation, equipped with a strange room appearing to be used for child exploitation. And there are also some strange pictures on the walls of this place, mostly of children. And in the Instagram references, the owner, James Alefantis makes too many references to pizza and children. But the most disturbing thing of all is a video of some sort of ‘private event’ that took place at Comet Pizza. The host is making a direct reference to a woman who is giving birth (?) and doesn’t want to give up her baby, so he had to ‘put that shit down’. ‘Euthanasia’. And then he talks about the baby, God only knows what happened after that.This man is evidently a powerhouse in D.C., and a very close friend to the Podesta brothers, as well as other people who are in D.C., including the Obamas and the Clintons.

The emails are disturbing enough, but the photos and a video taken at an event held at Comet Pizza are even more disturbing. At the end of this write, I will post some of the strange, bizarre, and downright disgusting art and photos linked to the Podesta brothers and the pizza place. The photos depict children, some who appear to be uncomfortable, or even afraid. Some appear to be young girls, maybe teen or pre-teen. Some even seem to reference cannibalism (a sculpture in the home of Tony Podesta appears to have been copied from one of Jeffrey Dahmers victims – (the strange position of the dead body with the head missing).

The photos above depict some of the art in the home of Tony Podesta.  The photos of the young girls do rouse suspicion – who are these children, and why do they have these pictures? Some of the photos were taken by Marina Abramovic. The paintings were created by another artist – Biljiana Djurdjevic – Tony Podesta admires her work, and it is displayed in his home, as well as other works of ‘art’

So, now we delve into the dark world of Marina Abramovic, a witch and high priestess who operates in these circles. In the Wikileaks emails, she is hosting a ‘spirit cooking’ party for the Clintons. These events usually consist of consuming bodily fluids, including urine and blood.  Ms. Abramovic is also an artist, she usually paints using body fluids (mostly blood). And she has close ties to many people in the higher offices of government, as well as the entertainment industry. There is a photo of her with Lady Gaga at one of these spirit cooking events, as well as with Jay-Z in another photo, so moves in the upper circles of entertainment as well. It’s funny, because many people believe that the connection between satanism and the entertainment industry is just a ‘conspiracy theory’, even if it is right in their face, some refuse to even believe it.


Marina Abramovic 

This is by far, the most disturbing write I have ever done. I have children and grandchildren, and to normal people, this is a place where most of us don’t ever want to go. Normal people do not think about this, because this isn’t how our minds work. A natural instinct is to protect children, childhood should be a place of innocence. It it supposed to have good memories, not this. Not what I have seen just in these photos and paintings. Only a very depraved mind seeks to destroy innocence. And it is a fact there is just as much depravity in this world as there is normal. This depravity has infiltrated our government. But it has been there a long time. During the Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr. administrations there was evidence of sex call boy rings. There are books by Cathy O’Brien and Bryce Taylor depicting prostitution, child sex abuse and ritual abuse, the Franklin Cover-up was written in the 1990s as well. I have read excerpts of Bryce Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories”, and this woman was exposed to some of the most depraved ritual abuse, as well as her daughter. They subjected her to MK-Ultra, they tortured her, physically and sexually. They murdered other children in her presence to traumatize her. And this sort of thing happens every day, all over the world. Child sex trafficking is a big business in government, and in the underworld as well.

We must pray for our country. We must pray that the truth, no matter how ugly or how deeply disturbing it is, be exposed, and justice served. It is so troubling that there are so many children who have fallen victim to this. In some of the photos posted here, one must wonder, what is the story behind this photo? Why does this child look so sad? And what happened to that child? Is he/she still alive? We don’t know what is going on there, but one thing is certain, it can’t be good.

A final word. This write began thanking the alternative media. Now, I want to shame the mainstream media, for everything. Their lies, their cover-ups, their bias, and above all, their silence. Their silence to a problem that won’t go away, unless it is exposed. And it begs the question, why the silence? Is there something they know already? Undoubtedly, they run in these circles as well, they must know something. This is the scandal of the century, and they are remaining silent!

In less than 70 days, we will (hopefully) have a new President (provided we don’t see a false flag or something to ‘postpone’ it). He vows to clean up Washington and the corruption. Drain the swamp. I do like Mr. Trump, and I hope what he is saying he can deliver on as well.  So far, the people he is choosing for his administration are not globalists, or people who have been bought and paid for by lobbyists or special interests. For the most part, the vetting has been quite positive, and my faith tells me we can look forward to a brighter future. Don’t ask for perfection. The power structure has been at this for a very long time, it isn’t going to happen overnight. America has been given another chance. Mr. Trump has a lot of work to do. I do look at things on a spiritual level, and I do see God’s hand at work in this. First of all, some major truths have been uncovered over the past 60 days or so. The deepest darkest secrets of people in high places has been revealed. And the world got a chance to learn who Hillary Clinton really is. Some still refuse to believe it, but the ones who have some common sense and real scruples do. Some  very ugly truths were revealed to the world. And that is probably only a fraction of what else is going on. Some evil will remain, but it always ends up rearing its ugly head, it doesn’t stay secret forever. Truth always shines a light on a lie for those who can discern.

Please see the links below, they are just a few of many emails of John Podesta that were found. Thank you for reading, please share this –


https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/10037 – I am not sure what the picture was here, but it is a reference to pizza (young girl)

https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5716 -another invitation to a pizza party?

The Truth About Sustainable Development – Translating the ‘Feel Good’ Double Speak


In September 2015, the United Nations held the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol – to address climate change. In this meeting, they introduced the first of its kind – it basically set new guidelines for emissions reduction and efforts to stabilize greenhouse gases. There are 191 countries who are implementing this new framework, and I am writing this to explain what exactly is in this bill.

I found 2 documents on the UN website – the first is UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol, and the other is the United Nations General Assembly. When you read the document, it sounds good – a lot of warm and fuzzy phrases like ‘sustainable development’ and ‘eradicating poverty’, but the people at the United Nations and you and I speak a very different language. I have learned how to translate some of this, I am translating it from what they are saying, and what they really mean.  While reading the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol document, I arrived at page 3, and got an error message that denied me access – so, I am wondering why they would publish this document on their website, only to restrict access? So, I am working strictly from the other document (and I will post a link at the bottom of my article).

This document basically outlines their ‘goals’ for Sustainable Development. Their first goal on this list is ‘End poverty in all its forms everywhere’. Now, that sounds great – I believe the world would like to see an end to poverty. But, we must remember, this ‘goal’ is coming from the people at the United Nations, and these are the same people who concluded that climate change is occurring because there are too many people on the planet, and these problems are being caused by man. So, how exactly do they intend to end poverty? Well, they don’t exactly tell us in their outline. They sort of leave these goals open ended, not much explanation of how they intend to achieve these ‘goals’.

There are over 60 of these ‘goals’ outlined, I am not going to translate each and every one, there are a few on here I think are important enough to highlight. In order to translate the language here, one must understand who these people are, and what their real agenda is. And in my previous blogs, i outline that. This document is one of the most insidious documents I have ever seen. I have seen the NASA war document (I will leave a link below), the Iron Mountain Report, the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars document and a few others. The reason I find this one to be the most offensive, is how they are masquerading their agenda. It is deceptive. These people will lie about the data, the statistics, the science, and even falsify history in order to achieve their goals. Their biggest concern is ‘too many people on the planet’. So when I see things like ‘eradicate poverty’ – one must read between the lines. How do they intend to eradicate poverty? Well, let’s find out.

As I mentioned before, their objective is to reduce everyone’s carbon ‘footprint’ – and this document tells us how exactly they plan to get each and every last person on this planet to do their part. Remember, this isn’t just some idea, this has been the law since September 2015, so many of these objectives are already being rolled out.

On page 14 of the UN General Treaty document lists 17 of their ‘goals’ – the first one listed states “End poverty in all its states, everywhere”. Now, that sounds great. I think everyone would like to see that, but again, they don’t tell us how they intend to achieve this. So, let’s interpret it. The way the people at the UN see things, first and foremost, there are too many people on the planet. The way they intend to ‘end poverty’ would be to end the 3rd world. How they are already achieving this is via mass migration into the 1st world. They have no intention of making any improvements to the 3rd world (if they did, they would have helped them long ago, for example, Africa is rich in resources (oil, minerals, diamonds, precious metals, etc) and there is no way the people who are behind this intend to allow these countries to develop, so they will migrate as many of them into the first world as possible, and force them to assimilate to UN Agenda 2030 laws. For the people who aren’t migrated, I believe they will be left to fend for themselves. In other words, I believe their interpretation of ‘ending poverty’ is ending people.  Make sure these masses are all on food stamps and government housing, so they are completely dependent on government, self reliance is unsustainable.

Goal #2 states,  “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” I think I can interpret this one quite easily. One of the objectives in the UN Agenda 21 document implies ‘false scarcities of food, energy, water and other resources’ so when we see ‘end hunger’ – I believe that means, they intend to starve out as many people as possible, so there won’t be starving people left to deal with. “Nutrition and sustainable agriculture”, that’s easy. Translation for this is simply “Supply the masses with GMOs (sustainable agriculture), and ensure that nutrients are declared illegal (oh, this has already occured – see Codex Alementarius, this is a trade commission that has already declared nutrients illegal – all food now is irradiated, that includes all fresh food).

Goal #3:  “Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages.” Translation: Vaccines at gunpoint, heavily medicate all children with anti depressant and ADHD drugs, educate using the Common Core dumb-down-the-masses curriculum, re-write their history into a false history so they never learn the truth about freedom.

Goal#5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.” Translation: Criminalize Christianity – demonize males, promote LGBT, gender fluidity and ‘gender is dead’ propaganda, shame masculinity and heterosexuality, and feminize society as a whole.

Goal #6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” Whenever I see ‘for all’, I want to cringe – it is a very communist phrase (Obamacare for example, ‘Healthcare for all’ -remember?). Translation: Corporations seizing control of all water, energy and electricity – rationing supplies to the masses, only providing minimal amounts. All the while, criminalize, coal, gas, and oil production – promote wind and solar energy (which has proven itself a failure).

Goal #7: (see Goal #6)

Goal #8: “Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.” Translation:  Regulate small business out of existence, force employers only to hire LGBT, transition to a dictator-based economy, more government regulations and mandates.

Goal #9:  “Build resilient infrastructure,  promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation.” Translation: Drive nations into debt to the World Bank, spreading corrupt corporatism to build large scale infrastructure and trap developing nations into unending debt. Punish the wealthy, confiscate all gains from those who choose to work in the private sector Redistribute confiscated wealth from the working class to non-working human parasytes who contribute nothing to society, all the while, demanding “equality”.

Goal #11:” Make cities and human settlements more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable” . Translation: Ban all gun ownership by private citizens and put them into hands of obedient government enforcers, who rule over the impoverished serf class. Criminalize all rural property ownership and relocate them to Hunger Game style fenced-in electronic concentration camps called “Megacities” which are surrounded by restricted areas, under 24 hour surveillance, educate the masses to ‘snitch’ on their peers. (ie: ‘If you see something, say something)

Goal #12: ” Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” Socially engineer reduction of consumption by creating false scarcities, burden violators with heavy fines, use TV, social media, and movies to shame those who use too much and do not conform (in California, they have an app for your phone, if someone is over-watering their lawn, you are encouraged to take pictures of the persons’ home and upload pictures, shaming the individual), encourage tattlers to report negative activity in exchange for subsidies.

Goal #13: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” Translation: Set energy consumption quotas, criminalize and punish negative lifestyle decisions that exceed energy usage limits set by government. Institute total surveillance via ‘smart meters’ where we can track and calculate energy consumption. Penalize private vehicle ownership and force masses onto public transit where TSA grunts and facial recognition cameras can record the movement of every persons’ activity.

There are many more ‘goals’ set  in this document. I hope this was a short course in “Interpreting U.N. language into what they really mean.” I am hoping to publish Volume 2 soon. Thanks for reading:)











What mainstream news is not telling us about Oregon

I chose to write about this story, because it is another classic example of UN Agenda 21 at work. If you remember the Bundy standoff in Nevada in 2014, this is a similar story. It is another BLM land grab on a family ranch.

I will briefly recap what is going on. A rancher owner in Oregon has been going through some bureaucracy with the BLM. In 2005, Mr. Hammond set a precribed burn on HIS property, and basically, it got slightly out of control and burned onto federal property. A prescribed burn is something that land owners do to improve the quality of the land. The federal government has decided to rehash this issue, and charge Dwight Hammond and his son Steve Hammond with arson and terrorism (?). Both of these men have clean records, they have never been charged with a crime. Anyway, back in 2005, they were fined, and the matter was supposed to go away – well, it didn’t. The matter was rehashed. The federal prosecutor felt they needed to do some time in a federal prison for their ‘crimes’ (mind you, when this fire was set, there was no burn ban, and the only damage was some sagebrush and a small bush, which mother nature took care of). There is a more nefarious agenda here, yes, this has everything to do with UN Agenda 21, that is why I am writing about it. This is just another prime example of how the federal government is running people off their land. The federal government already owns one fourth of the land mass here is the US. They want all of it. Putting private farms and ranches out of business is high on their to-do list.

The federal government charged Dwight Hammond and his son Steve, and ordered they turn themselves in on Jan. 4, 2016. This is where the protest began. Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy (Bundy Ranch standoff, Nevada 2014) heard about the injustice and reached out to the Hammond family, and has been a great deal of support to them. My personal view was, they decided to throw both men into prison believing the ranch won’t be able to operate without the two men, and the family lose the ranch after legal costs and inability to run the ranch, since the two men who are in charge are locked up. This is how evil our federal government is becoming. So, basically, Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan had occupied the Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon. And some of his supporters are from other farms, constitutionalists, and even a militia group. They are calling for the federal government to release these men, and relinguish control of the land back to the Hammond family. Their reasons are because the imprisonment of Dwight and Steve Hammond was excessive and unconstitutional.

This is happening to private ranch owners and farms all over the US. This\\ man made drought in California has destroyed farmers all the way from San Joaquin valley to Sacramento valley. A few years ago, California congress had turned off the water from the California aqueduct (which provided all of the water to the farms in that area) to save the delta smelt. A tiny guppy that lives in the MANMADE aqueduct. It put many of the ranches out of business. I grew up in central California, and it has always been lush fertile land. Everything grows in California. Oranges, avocado, almond, olives, grapes (private wineries are also affected greatly, particularly Sonoma County), plums, peaches, strawberries – all leafy greens, and this list goes on. The former breadbasket to the world was devastated by special interests and crooked politicians. California has also experienced the biggest drought in history, and I do believe it was engineered (go to Geoengineeringwatch.org for more information about the California drought, Oregon was also affected). This is widespread all over the U.S. I would highly recommend watching Farmageddon – it is available on YouTube, and I will post a link at the bottom of the page.

Getting back to the Hammond situation, Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan have been occupying the Wildlife Refuge facility in Oregon, and this is basically what has fueled all of the insanity. Here are some comments from Ammon Bundy, and I am going to attach a link to an interview about this situation, and allow you the reader to make up your own mind. Ammon Bundy isn’t trying to fuel a standoff, he said, “This is about the federal government controlling the land and resources and putting whole counties and communities in economic duress. This is about violation of human rights, and the federal government not even caring about what is in the Constitution.” BLM does not have the right to go to peoples properties and steal land. This is the federal government wanting to control all land and resources, getting us all off our land, and relocate us to their ‘Megacities’ ie virtual concentration camps. Ammon Bundy also said, “The US Attorneys office ordered the Hammond family to end all communication with the Bundy family or they would detain the Hammond’s early, so the Hammonds complied. They felt their lives were in danger. They felt my life was in danger, they thought the U.S. government would raid their home and take them.” I don’t remember any law that prohibits communication between families.  This is how agregious this has become. These people are actually in fear for their lives. This reminds me of the FBI standoff in N Idaho back in 1998, when an unarmed mother carrying a baby and her 13 year old son were shot on sight. I live in N Idaho, and the federal government didn’t get any support from us. Randy Weaver ended up winning a wrongful death lawsuit, but no amount of money could replace the loss of a wife and a child.

So, this is just another story about big government throwing their weight around and having little or no regard for people. This is another example of land stealing. This is another example of UN Agenda 21, blueprint for tyranny and enslavement of humanity. I will post more about this as I learn more. I am watching this situation closely, and praying that no one gets hurt. This is another case of freedom loving people standing up for their rights and being painted as kooks. Start doing research, the mainstream is going to malign this story. Deviate the true situation and make true patriots look like crackpots. The mainstream news did it to the TEA party (Taxed Enough Already), gun lovers, anyone who is against Obama’s tyrannical policies and all freedom loving people all over the country. So  please, before you judge this family, please know the facts. They are victims of UN Agenda 21 land grabbing at work.

I am writing this to set the record straight. The mainstream news isn’t going to tell the whole story about this situation. This is about our freedoms. As I write this, there are many farmers and ranchers who’s land is being usurped by the federal government, all while completely disregarding the U.S. Constitution. And it isn’t just the ranches and farms, the suburbs are also falling victim to this. So are the rural homeowners. Their goal is to vacate private property right out of existence, return all lands to nature, and cram all humans into their megaregions aka virtual concentration camps. If you are a homeowner, I would urge you to look deeper into this. Clown news and the talking heads aren’t going to tell you the truth about this. They have twisted this story to make these peaceful people look like a bunch of of radical extremists, which they are not. They are regular Americans who are sick and tired of seeing the federal government abuse power. And it is also in the Bill of Rights that we are to stand our ground when government turns into tyrants.

The next time we see a situation like this (and I am sure this won’t be the last), please remember to think twice before accepting everything the mainstream news has to say. They are puppets letting the powers that be pull the strings. And it is the same powers that be who are chissling away at our freedoms. There are always two sides to a story, and the mainstream always insists on controlling the narrative. And in most cases, they malign the victims, and portray them as gun wielding psychos. This group of people – the freedom advocates, are standing up for our rights, and should be commended, not bashed or portrayed as crackpots. When they are gone, who is going to stand up? Will we leave a world of tyranny to our children and grandchildren? Or will we take back what is ours, not the federal governments. God bless and thank you so much for reading.



Jade Helm 15

Are you aware of Jade Helm 15 and what it is? JADE HELM is an acronynm – Joint Assistant for Dissident Execution and Homeland Eradication of Local Militants – just to give you a picture of what this ‘drill’ is. The mainstream media won’t cover this topic, they have been vague about what this is really about. The only thing said by the mainstream media is – the drills will be taking place between the hours of 11pm and 5am, and don’t be too concerned about the black helicopters flying over the area. Basically what they are telling everyone is to go back to sleep – don’t worry about anything. We should be very worried, and very concerned about what they are doing, and why they are doing these drills at these late hours.

The drills are to take place between the dates of July 15, 2015 and September 15, 2015 – in the 7 Southwest states of the US (I will provide a map at the bottom of the page). These drills will include the elite forces from all four branches of the military, and the local police in these areas will be training along side the military. And no one believed our police were becoming militarized – why are they receiving the MRAP vehicles from DHS? Do our local police really need a military vehicle to roll down suburban streets? Makes you wonder – what are they really preparing for? Are we expecting some sort of conflict on US soil? Or are we, the US, becoming a police state? I don’t have all the answers, I am not an alarmist, because this is really going on. I am merely stating the facts.

And then, there are the Blue, Red and Yellow lists written by the DHS – these are people they have listed and categorized as enemy dissidents, enemies to the new world order – I will begin with the Red list and what it represents.

RED – These people who are on the red list are primary enemies of the New World takeover, these people would be – 1. The people who are reporting about it and informing others  2. Gun owners, lovers of country, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Christians, and Veterans from the Iraq war. These people are to be shot on sight.

BLUE – Whoever is contributing to the Red list, followers of the Red List leaders, these people will be transfered to FEMA camps and then shot.

YELLOW – These are the people who are asleep and do not know anything about the New World Order – they will be brought to FEMA detention camps, then processed, chipped with the RFID chip (also the mark of the beast – 666) – but because of the depopulation agenda, they will most likely be kept in the FEMA camps, and starved, because the NWO elitists believe there are too many people on the planet (see the Georgia Guidestones – these are the 10 rules of the New World Order – 1st command – Keep population at 500 million).

Again, I am not alarmist, I have just done my homework, and found there is so much data to support this, I cannot deny it. I will post my resources at the bottom of this page. To learn more about this, I will post some of the links below to support my findings.

You Tube – WTF files – OPERATION JADE HELM 15 IS ACTIVE! https://youtu.be/WgBpL0kKvYE

What’s Going On News – Linda Kirby https://gallery.mailchimp.com/96921bef26ff5a8ae09dc39e5/file

https://youtu.be/8MawVVp3dAM What Red, Blue, and Yellow mean –

The UN is planning to Migrate Americans from California

The California Drought

June 23, 2015

I have noticed the spraying has become heavier here, and we are also in a drought here. Here are the averages for the weather in my area. I live in N Idaho, we have a great deal of rain throughout the year, and that has changed significantly over the past 10 years. https://weatherspark.com/averages/29943/Coeur-d-Alene-Idaho-United-States

Hissing Opossum

I am choosing this topic in the hopes that it will be read here, but I really would like to raise awareness. California has been in a drought for 3 years now, and the reason isn’t because of global warming. It is however, due to climate engineering, or geoengineering.  I myself only became aware of it earlier this year. My family and I went on a road trip from Idaho to California to visit. We came down the coast through Northern California, through Del Norte county, the redwoods. It is one of the most beautiful sights in the country. We were taking pictures, and noticed that some of the trees were missing their bark. That definitely raised some questions. So, I did some research, and discovered a YouTube video about “chemtrails”.

I grew up in Southern California, and I lived there until the 1990’s. Before moving, i had noticed that…

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What the hell is UN Agenda 21?


Have you ever heard of UN Agenda 21? Kind of sounds like some weird conspiracy theory – like Area 51, or X Files, or something crazy like that. Well, it is definitely a conspiracy, but nothing conspiracy theory about it, I have researched this enough to tell you, it is the truth and it is happening right now, all over the globe.

I learned about this by sheer accident. I was doing some research on chemtrails, I was wondering why we see those trails so much in the sky. I didn’t ever remember seeing so much traffic in the sky, so I decided to do a little research, which led me to Geoengineering, or Climate Engineering. And I listened to the experts about it, and wanted to educate myself enough to be able to write about it, and even get involved in raising awareness about it. So in my research, I was watching some videos on YouTube, and I came across something called UN Agenda 21, and a dynamic, feisty, unapologetic liberal gal named Rosa Koire had a video about it. She is a dynamic activist opposing Agenda 21, she founded the Post Sustainability Institute and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. And she is a wealth of knowledge on this topic, she has even written a book called “Behind the Green Mask”, and it is a very good book. I recommend it.

The first thing I learned is, this isn’t a left thing or a right thing. It is a freedom thing. And this plan threatens our lives and our freedoms as we know it. It is a stealth plan to inventory and control every aspect of our lives. They have implemented this global plan, by hijacking it on a local level. When people realized international plots were infiltrating us on a local level – they changed the name so it wouldn’t sound so ‘international’. I mean getting our city and county officials on board. They are lured by promises of grants and improvements, but it is really a takeover of your city, so I would like to suggest to the reader, make sure your city isn’t one of them. The original plan was called ICLEI, and it stands for International Council for Local Environment Initiatives – but when locals got wind of it, they changed their names to things like ‘Smart Growth’ or ‘Green Growth’ or ‘Sustainable Development’ or ‘Sustained Growth’ just to name a few. The packaging is different, the agenda is the same. It is a totalitarian plan for global governance.

In 1992, the UN held their first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a conference with leaders from all over the globe to discuss solutions to the problems of pollution on the globe. And following this conference, it would also be the first time we would hear George H.W. Bush utter the words “New World Order”. And that is exactly what this plan is about. I have made a list of some of the things that would be implemented in this new plan. Maurice Strong was the first director of the United Nations Environment Programme – and he believed it was the responsibility of the UN to decide what they believed was the cause of this impending catastrophe called ‘global warming’ and decided that the middle class lifestyle was causing many of ‘mother earths’ ills, mostly by consumption. We have single family homes, we drive cars, we use heating and air conditioning in our homes and our workplaces, we are (mostly) meat eaters, we have too much stuff. These things are labeled in this plan as “unsustainable”. They are the root cause of the planets problems, and something needs to be done.

This idea was actually originated during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration. A United Nations document was leaked and it had a lot of damning information in it. And they tried to laugh it off as a hoax, it is no hoax. And what is happening today is only evidence they meant every word of it. It is called the “Iron Mountain Report”, and you can find this online, and there is also a YouTube video of it recited by a gentleman who explains it. I strongly recommend you see this. It shook me to the core.

One of the concepts they adapted So, decisions are to be made for the ‘greater good’, and individualism should not be tolerated. You will understand what that means as you read further.

Among some of the other things that were deemed unsustainable, private property,commercial agriculture, grazing, transportation, consumerism, livestock, meat consumption, pesticides, suburban housing, monotheism (belief in one God), the family unit, golf courses, water irrigation, ski lodges, and this is just to name a few. These are things they intend to do away with, Their goal is to transform commerce, housing, transportation, and rural living just to name  a few of the things they want to radically change. It has done away with our timber industry, our steel industry, our mining industry, and the farming industry because they aren’t sustainable. The real objective is not to do away with these things and replace them with better, it is to destroy our way of life. Their “utopia” is to replace that with “mega-cities” and these are popping up all over the globe. These are stack and pack coffin size apartments, with retail on the lower level, they are ‘green’, walkable, bikeable, and everything is right within your reach so you never have to wander far from your home.And they are showing up all over the globe. China has many of these ‘mega-cities’. Los Angeles is targeted to become a mega-city, and it is moving towards that at a remarkable pace. The once dilapidated downtown area has been transformed into many apartment buildings, single family homes are not in the development plans.And these all have the retail shops below, restaurants, grocery, all withing walking distance.That is so you won’t need a car. This is called ‘social engineering’. There have been movies out promoting this, the Hunger Games is one. This is how they expect us to live. And this is being taught in all of our universities, because this is the sustainable goal of the middle class. It is incrementally being destroyed, like the frog in the water, slowly being cooked, so are we. As the dollar implodes, and inflation continues, and interest rates go up, those with a mortgage or a car payment will find they cannot afford these things, and the globalists hope is to drive you out of your lifestyle. It is a stealth attack on the American dream. There is so much more I could go on about, but it would take me a while. I plan to continue this topic in a later post.

I will go into the ‘environmental’ aspect of this. This is all being implemented all in the name of the environment. I see nothing wrong with wanting to care for our environment, but there is that ‘Green Mask’ that Rosa Koire wrote about. It has nothing to do with the environment, but that is the excuse they are using. The ”Endangered Species Act” was drawn up, not because they cared about the eco system or even the survival of these creatures, it was the perfect excuse to keep private property owners off their own property! It really places more importance on bugs, animals, and birds than human beings. An example, if you own a property in Santa Rosa CA, and the long toed salamander lives on that property, you are forbidden from walking on that property during the winter, because that is its mating season. So forget about even developing that piece of land, that government forbids it. A young family lost their home in Santa Cruz, CA. A fire mysteriously broke out while the mom was away with the kids for a few hours and dad was at work. Well, the EPA came to visit, and now they aren’t allowed to rebuild that house because there is an endangered insect that lives on that property, and by rebuilding, it may disturb the habitat. What about their habitat? This is no joke friends, this is happening all over the country. The Biodiversity and Wildlands Project is another devious scheme also implemented by the UN. It is a plan to re-wild the United States, once they make it a crime to own private property, and you are herded into their mega-city, their plan is to return the suburban areas to wild land, making it off limits to humans. I will post a map of the Wildlands project, and you can see the key – it is their plan of rewilding 85% of the country. And I mentioned earlier how they are bulldozing the agriculture and farming industry, well, they had this great idea in Idaho and Montana back in 1996 to ‘re-home’ these giant wolves (and these wolves are giant) -they removed them  from their habitat – way north in the Yukon Territory, and relocate them to the areas in Montana and Idaho where much farming and agriculture was. Again, remember, this has NOTHING to do with environment or preservation of species. After relocating them, of course these wolves wreaked havoc on the livestock, the horses, even the family pets. In Montana, the Yellowstone elk herd was 25,000 in 1996, it has been dwindled down to 4.500 because these wolves ravaged the herd. They viciously attacked the cows, the bucks, and the babies, and now, this herd, one of the biggest in the world, is gone, and will never be replaced. Hunters came from all over the world each season to hunt the elk, and that industry was also destroyed by the re-wilding plan.The real agenda was to drive these farmers off their lands, and it did a lot more. Now there are more animals on the endangered species list because of this act. The Cliven Bundy ranch in Clark County, Nevada in April 2014, that was another example of Agenda 21. The standoff with BLM, coming to seize his land, because of the endangered ‘desert tortoise’- it was being threatened by his cattle grazing on their habitat. That story had a little bit of a happier ending, but it is a sad reality to what is going on in this country. That was a blatant attempt at an illegal land grab by our Federal government. And it was also a very emotional display of American bravery and the human spirit. They stood firm on the Constitution, and eventually, the Federal government were the ones breaking the law, and they had to concede.

Among all of the changes our government has planned for us, rationing is another, and the Federal government intends to ration all resources. They want to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all animals, all agriculture, all industry, electricity, minerals, construction, information, communication, production, and all human beings. This is the 1984 Orwellian nightmare come true. This means limiting everything. And since they wish to do away with consumerism, and control all resources, they would be controlling your food supply. And it would be rationed. And all food would only be available at a local level. So many of the fruits and vegetables you enjoy would more than likely be unavailable. Obama’s Cap and trade plan is to reduce our carbon emissions by 80% below 1990 levels. That would take us back to the 1930s. And the taxes with that plan are going to make the cost of energy skyrocket. I am sure you have already noticed increases in your electricity bills, your natural gas bills, and what ever other energy resources you use. This plan is not only to destroy industry, it is to destroy yours and your families way of life. It aims to replace free enterprise with public/private partnerships. This is how they did it in Hitler’s Germany. If a business owner had a private business, now it belonged to the state. A private farmer was subject to the Gestapo coming to his farm, counting, how many eggs his hens laid, inventories of his milk, and inventory of any production. That is an example of public/private partnership, and it is happening right now.This is real, readers. The UN has already got this thing underway in hundreds of cities in the US, the best way to find out if your city is a sustainable city, is go to your board of supervisors and find out. I could write a book about this, because it is a huge plan, and it attacks every aspect of our lives. If the new speak is words like ‘consensus’ , ut used to be if a group of people had a dispute, they would duke it out in a public setting until they came to an agreement, now, consensus means, in the new Orwellian speak, it means, you go along with the plan, because they already have a pre-conceived outcome. They employ trained facilitators use tactics to give the audience the illusion they helped in the planning, when they really didn’t. There is no debate, and no dissent. If you try to disagree or even question, you would be targeted or humiliated by the facilitator, because they already have the outcome planned and it isn’t open to opinion. It also is a form of social engineering, because it shames the opinion of the individual, and gives the illusion this is a group effort.This is called the Delphi technique, and it was created by the Rand Corporation. It is the ‘new’ consensus.

Another new word in this Orwellian speak is “regionalism”. Now, local control has been integrated into a larger control, this is an example of regionalism. Local control is what keeps the heart beating in a small community. When you expand it into regionalism, it brings taxes, and regulations, and ordinances, and zoning ordinances, which become burdensome and expensive. And it tightens the reins of control. Other words you may see in this new speak are ‘action’, ‘vision’, ‘walkable’, ‘bikeable’, ‘sustainable’ just to name some,and there are many others.

Our Constitution is written to protect our rights. The inalienable rights of the individual endowed by our Creator. And this plan is a sneaky, back door plot to eliminate your rights as an individual, and engineer you to a new way of life,a communal way of life, a communist way of life, their idea of life, which is no life at all. This plot is to do away with our Constitution, which has proven to be time tested, and protect our liberties. I cannot stress enough, if this is taking place in your community, please see your board of supervisors and make them repeal it. The change agents that infiltrated your community do not have your interests at heart, or your communities interests at heart.

In closing, I would like to thank you for reading, and with all of my blogs, I hope this was helpful, and more than anything, I hope it made a difference.

Resources: Michael Shaw: Understanding Sustainable Development and Agenda 21/ Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask/ Gary; “Grindall 61” a special thank you to him for the use of his many YouTube videos!

UN Agenda 21 – The Blueprint for One World Government

What is UN Agenda 21? Kinda sounds like Area 51 or Catch 22, well, it isn’t either. UN Agenda 21 is a stealth plan that was created by the United Nations in 1992, and was launched at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. This meeting was held to discuss the global warming issue, and Agenda 21 was introduced as their solution to combat the problem of global warming.

I recently wrote a blog about climate change so I thought this topic was perfect to accompany it, in fact this document was written because of global warming. I am an outspoken opponent of UN Agenda 21, and I try to bring awareness to as many people as I can, because this is another scam being perpetrated on not  just the US, but the entire globe. And it seems UN Agenda 21 is in everything. And their goal was to get this into every town in the entire world. So, they collaborated with a group of planners, and had them create a document that would bring the idea to local areas. It took about 6 years, but they came up with a program called ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. So that is it’s strength, but, because we are local, we can fight it, so it is also its weakness. It is a takeover of our sovereignty, our freedoms, our rights as individuals. Of course, the name of the local program has changed, because international has no place in a local community, so they call it ‘Smart Growth” or ‘Sustainable Development’ or ‘Smart Green’. Instead of laws, they create “codes” and “ordinances”- so if you are in violation of one of these codes or ordinances, they can haul you off to jail for letting your lawn grow too tall, and you can even lose your house in some cases. So, I am going to explain this thing the best way I can.

Climate change is the reason this document was written. I don’t know if ”climate change” or “global warming” even exists, according to some climate scientists, it is a hoax, and it is junk science. But, I do know this evil thing Agenda 21 is real, and it is a totalitarian takeover. The sole purpose of this is so the elitists can inventory and control every aspect of our lives, including us. All of this is documented. Their idea of the perfect world is based on some Orwellian idea of monitoring all people – this is where the Megacities project comes from. There are 11 megacity ‘regions’ in the US (but it will no longer be the United States, it will be the NAFTA, or the North American Union, NAU). You can find these maps on line – while you are looking at that map, look up the Wildlands project, that is the reason most of the lands in the west are becoming federalized. They are doing this under the pretense that wildlife needs to be returned to nature, so no human will be allowed to enter the red zones on the map. The yellow zones are ‘buffer zones’ – highly restricted to humans. We will only be allowed in the black zones – yes, those little black dots you see on the map are where they intend to herd everyone, infact, that is how the elitist refer to us – cannon fodder, or ‘herd management’. The elitists do not see us as humans, infact, they do not even see us as animals, they refer to us as ‘useless eaters’ or ‘cannon fodder’. What I tell you here is also well documented.

We are losing our freedoms to this, everything here is going under UN Charter. In 2005, our government sold our sovereignty down the road – we are now under a great deal of UN law, the only things holding them back are our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. We now have a president who wants to do away with all of our original documents, he says they are antiquated, and we must change with the times. The Constitution has been time tested, and thank God for a few people who are still in Congress who are willing to keep our sovereignty.

This new thing coming down the pike is Jade Helm 15, it is a drill being launched in the 7 western states, and even though we are being told it is only a drill, it is more than that. The elite forces from all branches of the military, along with local police, will be performing ‘drills’ in the event of an emergency – (like martial law). Speculation insists it is a ‘gun grab’ – or a military takeover of the US. Other speculation is it is ‘dissident extraction’ – get rid of the gun lovers, the Contitutionalists, the Libertarians, the Christians, Veterans of Iraq war, just to name a few. They see anyone in these groups as a threat. Whatever is going on, it is changes coming to the US.

So, when we put all of these things together, Agenda 21, Jade Helm, the militarization of our police, – we can see how the UN is taking over – we are losing, or maybe have already lost our sovereignty. Wake up America, you are being taken over by a totalitarian regime, and it isn’t going away any time soon. I consider the European Union, what is happening there, is soon to happen here. We can expect it, some of this has already taken place. It is only a matter of time, and we will look exactly like the EU – who have communists in charge, who have robbed their countries of everything, eliminated their middle class, and impoverished many. We should no longer be asleep at the wheel.

The Climate Change Fable

Today, I would like to write about – of all things, climate change. It’s a topic we are all familiar with, and most people feel it is a real crisis, and we must all do our part to remedy the crisis. So, we have made changes in our lives like conserving water, conserving energy – buying those energy saver light bulbs (which require a hazmat team to clean up incase they break) And of course, recycling our plastics and glass products. And we certainly do not want to pass on the crisis to our children and grandchildren, so we feel obligated to do our part.

Well, I bought into the Al Gore alarmist rhetoric, And I have heard the debates, is it real or isn’t it? And after hearing some of the disputes, it did make me question, is this alarmist? or is this a real threat? So, I did my own homework, and it seems this is an elaborate hoax, perpetrated on every person in every country on the entire planet. And it is documented, on a leaked UN report made in the 1960s. I will get into that in a bit.

It is no secret that many scientists do receive big money for their research, and it is no secret that they are also paid to come up with anything to make their findings “real”. But they have another problem, the climate scientists who do know the truth, and are able to debunk this “junk science”. And these scientists who do tell the truth- do it at the risk of their reputations being muddied. It would appear that science is just more big business, and it is the power elite who are funding the junk science.

The Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2009 was the meeting of the globalists to enact Cap and Trade on us. Their science concludes the reason for the planet warming is caused by humans and livestock. We are producing too much CO2 (the air we exhale). There are too many of us on the planet, and it is all our fault the globe is in such peril. So, we need to begin making some drastic changes, or pay the price, literally. So, this is why I feel the need to write, incase any of my readers do not know. I will do my very best to explain this in the best way possible. So, I will start with this, Global warming was an idea for a “global crisis” the global elite came up with over 50 years ago at a weekend retreat called “Iron Mountain” (If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend it. It goes deep into the psyche of these few people in charge of the entire globe). The documentary can be viewed on YouTube, and it is the best evidence this “crisis” is a scam, and an evil one at that, because, these people who developed this scheme, are not only telling us there is an imminent threat, but they are also blaming it on us, merely because we exist. The people of whom I speak are the 5% of this world who have too much money (all attained by greed) and basically run the planet. This 5% are homicidal psychopaths. Their solution to the global warming problem is to depopulate. Currently, there are 7.2 billion people on the planet, their goal is to have about one billion. So, how they plan to do this, only they know. They spray us like bugs every day (chemtrails), they have criminalized organic foods, and insist on feeding us GMOs, meats injected with cancer causing antibiotics, steroids, and fillers, now most of our foods are irradiated (radiation), they make it law to inject our children with deadly vaccines (and they have proven these ‘vaccines’ contain mercury – and it has been linked to Altzheimers), they have rammed socialized medicine (Obamacare) down our throats to guarantee we receive sub standard health care, and the list goes on.

The fact is, climate has always changed.  Between 1940 and 1970, there was actually a cooling trend, and again over the past ten years, the globe has been cooling. Thus, changing the nomenclature from :”global warming”  to “climate change”. Their “science” is based solely on man made global warming, and none of their science takes into account how much the sun impacts global warming, infact they will adamantly deny the sun has any impact. Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” is based on this complicated junk science. It is comical how his exaggerated and inaccurate predictions are “catastrophic” . He predicts a rise of sea level of over 20 feet over the next 20 years.

Truth be told, CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas, 95% of it is water vapor. Carbon dioxide isn’t the cause of warming, in fact, it is proven to be the opposite. Man-caused global warming is debunked. The hypothesis of the global warming is falsified by the evidence. It is also untrue that animals are causing global warming. The ocean is the main reservoir for CO2. The sun is the only contributor to global warming. It is the only source for warming the planet. Scientists who have nothing to gain have proven that. It is really a common sense and simple conclusion.

The politicians got involved, which just gave money to the lie. The globalists-environmentalists have more of a stake in this than weather – it has connection to Agenda 21. They are anti-capitalist, anti-development, anti-vehicles,in fact the goal is to return us to pre-industrial age.

The propaganda is humorous, even a half a degree change in temperature at the poles could cause catastrophic melting at the poles – alarmist.

The environmentalists like the Sierra Club are helping to spread the lie about climate change, truth be known it has warmed 0.1% since 1978, and nearly 0% change since 1998.The government NOAA is also promoting the lie on their website.

“Wacky wonky weather” – Yes, we have experienced wonky weather, hurricanes, tornadoes. devastating snow storms, we also have an effective weather weapon – it’s called HAARP. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is responsible for wicked hurricanes, ice storms, intense downpours on one side of the country, while significant drought on the other. 2011-2014 California’s drought, man-made evil manipulation. “Tesla” technology – this weather instrument is able to send high levels of radiation into the ionosphere – The ionospheric research instrument (IRI) – this is a high powered radio frequency transmitter operates in hi-frequency. It is responsible for the mass die offs – especially in the Pacific.It is documented that the globalists needed a crisis to make the radical changes necessary to have their one world government. It would take billions of dollars in funding to prove that it exists. Maurice Strong headed up the Climate Conference in 1990, it was a “the sky is falling” campaign. So, Professor Revelle made his speech – he said he had serious doubts about carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas that is causing significant “effect” of global warming. He began this frenzy, and then he recanted it. Then he said, it may not be for real, But Al Gore insists on pushing the agenda and his position remains. Another contributor to the wonky weather and it is being caused by man – but it doesn’t have a carbon footprint- it is the geoengineering which is taking place right over our heads, in our skies, every day. I have written about this topic before, and I plan on writing about it again. This time it will be about California – on a one way street -determined to self destruct and on board with the climate change scam.

The science doesn’t exist. CO2 is not causing global warming! There is a petition filed against this fallacy. The true agenda isn’t even about the environment, it is about global governance. There are approximately 31,000 scientists who have researched and concluded there is no scientific evidence to support it, It has no teeth. But the globalists and environmentalists insist that it’s real. And the bottom line scheme, is global control.

Lord Christopher Mounckton has been an outspoken opponent to the climate change scam. He was advisor to Britains Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he is a journalist, economist, and climate change denier. He has clearly debunked this science as junk (IPCC Report). He is remarkable at demonstrating how the Pro-Climate Change scientists used smoke and mirrors and confusion to intensify the “scars” of global warming. He debunked the 1995 report submitted that says humans are the cause of global warming.

I will be writing again about this evil scam called climate change, or global warming – they have to change the name every time it is exposed. That is how all of these global agenda programs are. Once the plot is revealed, they change the name. Same crap, different package. I will hopefully have more information about how successful the petition is getting.