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Bio: I am a mom, an artist and now a researcher. Recently I was struck with an autoimmune disease, so I work from the house now. I enjoy researching our history, and the plans for the one world government. We are living in a time of transformation. And what I find in the changing of the times, I like to share with others. I am a Christian, and I do believe the word of God, every word of it. And I see how many prophecies are coming to pass. I hope to write a book someday, and it will most likely be about UN Agenda 21. I believe it is the most evil plan of all time. Many Christians like myself see it as the blueprint for enslavement of humanity, and that is basically what it is. It comes packaged with a big green smiley face, so people will accept it. It aims to usurp control of every resource, including human. This utopian plan would like to see us living in coffin size stack and pack apartments, it is even setting up 'megaregions' all over the planet - better known as 'human settlements'. Don't be fooled, they are concentration camps. And they expect each and every person to try to exist with a minimal amount of water, food and electricity every day. I have written about it, and I will write more about it as long as it's around. Thanks for checking out my blog, please leave a comment, or just say hi, I am always happy to connect with others.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I know the future is bleak,Orwellian and no place for a man or woman ,only nwo fools and there victims.
    We are in grave danger ,only way out is lots of money!!
    Prayed to Jesus,is a good start ,but real money ,real wealth and knowledge ,yes big trouble ,I read all the same documents you did and got same conclusion.


    • I know someone who is developing a sort of “survival” community, & once my life will allow it, I hope to relocate there. I plan to contribute veggies and goat milk and cheese (and homemade beer!)


  2. You really got it going on ,thank god someone figured this out !!!
    Fuck environmentalism!!! Its a scam to scam us out of freedom liberty and prosperity!!!
    Call them out!!/
    They are to dumb ,then help me help ourselves ,outrun the nwo ,agenda2030!!!/ you can run ,but not hide,well how about both!!!??
    I suggest meeting how to refine gasoline I’m trying!!! Working on it
    Please check financing reports ,collapse ,soon!!

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    • Yes, Richard – UN2030 is even darker and more draconian than 21! In California, they have already begun taxing the air we breathe. They want to do away with home ownership, small business, organic gardening (GMOs instead), ration water and power usage, public transit instead of vehicle ownership, restrictions on public lands, and it goes on and on. This is the NWO, and we need to stop it. I know you don’t believe our elections will make a difference, but I believe it will. Obama aided climate change for 8 years and so will Hillary. Trump isn’t part of the establishment – he knows all about it, and refuses to join them. I guess you have figured out I am a Christian, and I see the spiritual component in this. I believe God is giving this country one more chance.
      Thanks so much for reading!


    • Hi Jimmy! I know! Sorry I haven’t been around, taking care of my Mom. So good to hear from you – I was sure I had replied but I guess it didn’t go through. Hey, if you ever want to chat, here’s my# 818-792-2164. Or write here – thanks hun – miss ya lots


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