The Truth About Sustainable Development – Translating the ‘Feel Good’ Double Speak


In September 2015, the United Nations held the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol – to address climate change. In this meeting, they introduced the first of its kind – it basically set new guidelines for emissions reduction and efforts to stabilize greenhouse gases. There are 191 countries who are implementing this new framework, and I am writing this to explain what exactly is in this bill.

I found 2 documents on the UN website – the first is UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol, and the other is the United Nations General Assembly. When you read the document, it sounds good – a lot of warm and fuzzy phrases like ‘sustainable development’ and ‘eradicating poverty’, but the people at the United Nations and you and I speak a very different language. I have learned how to translate some of this, I am translating it from what they are saying, and what they really mean.  While reading the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol document, I arrived at page 3, and got an error message that denied me access – so, I am wondering why they would publish this document on their website, only to restrict access? So, I am working strictly from the other document (and I will post a link at the bottom of my article).

This document basically outlines their ‘goals’ for Sustainable Development. Their first goal on this list is ‘End poverty in all its forms everywhere’. Now, that sounds great – I believe the world would like to see an end to poverty. But, we must remember, this ‘goal’ is coming from the people at the United Nations, and these are the same people who concluded that climate change is occurring because there are too many people on the planet, and these problems are being caused by man. So, how exactly do they intend to end poverty? Well, they don’t exactly tell us in their outline. They sort of leave these goals open ended, not much explanation of how they intend to achieve these ‘goals’.

There are over 60 of these ‘goals’ outlined, I am not going to translate each and every one, there are a few on here I think are important enough to highlight. In order to translate the language here, one must understand who these people are, and what their real agenda is. And in my previous blogs, i outline that. This document is one of the most insidious documents I have ever seen. I have seen the NASA war document (I will leave a link below), the Iron Mountain Report, the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars document and a few others. The reason I find this one to be the most offensive, is how they are masquerading their agenda. It is deceptive. These people will lie about the data, the statistics, the science, and even falsify history in order to achieve their goals. Their biggest concern is ‘too many people on the planet’. So when I see things like ‘eradicate poverty’ – one must read between the lines. How do they intend to eradicate poverty? Well, let’s find out.

As I mentioned before, their objective is to reduce everyone’s carbon ‘footprint’ – and this document tells us how exactly they plan to get each and every last person on this planet to do their part. Remember, this isn’t just some idea, this has been the law since September 2015, so many of these objectives are already being rolled out.

On page 14 of the UN General Treaty document lists 17 of their ‘goals’ – the first one listed states “End poverty in all its states, everywhere”. Now, that sounds great. I think everyone would like to see that, but again, they don’t tell us how they intend to achieve this. So, let’s interpret it. The way the people at the UN see things, first and foremost, there are too many people on the planet. The way they intend to ‘end poverty’ would be to end the 3rd world. How they are already achieving this is via mass migration into the 1st world. They have no intention of making any improvements to the 3rd world (if they did, they would have helped them long ago, for example, Africa is rich in resources (oil, minerals, diamonds, precious metals, etc) and there is no way the people who are behind this intend to allow these countries to develop, so they will migrate as many of them into the first world as possible, and force them to assimilate to UN Agenda 2030 laws. For the people who aren’t migrated, I believe they will be left to fend for themselves. In other words, I believe their interpretation of ‘ending poverty’ is ending people.  Make sure these masses are all on food stamps and government housing, so they are completely dependent on government, self reliance is unsustainable.

Goal #2 states,  “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” I think I can interpret this one quite easily. One of the objectives in the UN Agenda 21 document implies ‘false scarcities of food, energy, water and other resources’ so when we see ‘end hunger’ – I believe that means, they intend to starve out as many people as possible, so there won’t be starving people left to deal with. “Nutrition and sustainable agriculture”, that’s easy. Translation for this is simply “Supply the masses with GMOs (sustainable agriculture), and ensure that nutrients are declared illegal (oh, this has already occured – see Codex Alementarius, this is a trade commission that has already declared nutrients illegal – all food now is irradiated, that includes all fresh food).

Goal #3:  “Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages.” Translation: Vaccines at gunpoint, heavily medicate all children with anti depressant and ADHD drugs, educate using the Common Core dumb-down-the-masses curriculum, re-write their history into a false history so they never learn the truth about freedom.

Goal#5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.” Translation: Criminalize Christianity – demonize males, promote LGBT, gender fluidity and ‘gender is dead’ propaganda, shame masculinity and heterosexuality, and feminize society as a whole.

Goal #6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” Whenever I see ‘for all’, I want to cringe – it is a very communist phrase (Obamacare for example, ‘Healthcare for all’ -remember?). Translation: Corporations seizing control of all water, energy and electricity – rationing supplies to the masses, only providing minimal amounts. All the while, criminalize, coal, gas, and oil production – promote wind and solar energy (which has proven itself a failure).

Goal #7: (see Goal #6)

Goal #8: “Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.” Translation:  Regulate small business out of existence, force employers only to hire LGBT, transition to a dictator-based economy, more government regulations and mandates.

Goal #9:  “Build resilient infrastructure,  promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation.” Translation: Drive nations into debt to the World Bank, spreading corrupt corporatism to build large scale infrastructure and trap developing nations into unending debt. Punish the wealthy, confiscate all gains from those who choose to work in the private sector Redistribute confiscated wealth from the working class to non-working human parasytes who contribute nothing to society, all the while, demanding “equality”.

Goal #11:” Make cities and human settlements more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable” . Translation: Ban all gun ownership by private citizens and put them into hands of obedient government enforcers, who rule over the impoverished serf class. Criminalize all rural property ownership and relocate them to Hunger Game style fenced-in electronic concentration camps called “Megacities” which are surrounded by restricted areas, under 24 hour surveillance, educate the masses to ‘snitch’ on their peers. (ie: ‘If you see something, say something)

Goal #12: ” Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” Socially engineer reduction of consumption by creating false scarcities, burden violators with heavy fines, use TV, social media, and movies to shame those who use too much and do not conform (in California, they have an app for your phone, if someone is over-watering their lawn, you are encouraged to take pictures of the persons’ home and upload pictures, shaming the individual), encourage tattlers to report negative activity in exchange for subsidies.

Goal #13: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” Translation: Set energy consumption quotas, criminalize and punish negative lifestyle decisions that exceed energy usage limits set by government. Institute total surveillance via ‘smart meters’ where we can track and calculate energy consumption. Penalize private vehicle ownership and force masses onto public transit where TSA grunts and facial recognition cameras can record the movement of every persons’ activity.

There are many more ‘goals’ set  in this document. I hope this was a short course in “Interpreting U.N. language into what they really mean.” I am hoping to publish Volume 2 soon. Thanks for reading:)








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