I’m gonna rant

I don’t have a huge following here, and it doesn’t matter to me. I research, and I will write usually about what I am researching on. But I never take the words from another without their permission. Like when I wrote about Chemtrails – I asked Dane Wigington if I could quote him on what I wrote. He is an expert and the best source if you want to know anything about it. Well, lately, I have been researching CERN. It is the huge hadron particle collider in Switzerland, and a lot of people do not know the truth about it. So, I pulled up a podcast and listened to a man who knows a lot about it – he has written 3 books, he has a website, and he understands quantum physics. He is also blessed when it comes to interpreting this project so the layman can understand it. I would still be scratching my head if he weren’t out there telling us about it.

So, why do I want to rant? Because a few people in the truth community and the ministry are being plagiarized. There is a guy on YouTube, and I am not going to mention any names, has a very profitable ministry on YT – and many people have exposed him as a liar. Well, I thought I might give him the benefit of the doubt. I decided to play his program about CERN. Now, he repeated someone else – word for word. I mean, all of his ‘expertise’ is like this. He will just take the words of another, via article or podcast, and deceive his listeners into believing he is the expert and knows everything about the topic, when he really knows nothing. He is a commentator on a fraud ministry on YouTube – he has made claims that he is a high rank in the military and has all kinds of security clearance. If it were true, he wouldn’t be advertising it. My ex husband is a 20 year vet, and I know, if someone has clearance, they are not allowed to even discuss it until they are retired. He is a liar, and I am happy there are many out there who are exposing this liar. There are many young followers who are really serious about being Christian, and expect a truthful minister, not someone who lies to them. He is misleading a lot of people (and so is the fraud he works with). That’s all I wanted to write about. There are people who do extensive research, they pour their heart and soul into it. It is not only unfair to the researcher, it is extremely dishonest. I pray their channel will be booted. They are dangerous because they pose as meek sheep, but they are doing the works of Satan. Thank you for reading.


The Oregon Shooting and The Events That Took Place While You Weren’t Looking

Before reading any further, know that I stongly support our 2nd Amendment right – it was written to protect us from a tyrannical government. This latest hoax is just another political agenda for another attempt at a gun grab. This amendment was written also with a clause – SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

This shooting happened last week, and I made a comment on a YouTube video (I always encounter the most interesting people there, usually not the smartest, though) and I have received so much negative feedback from it. I have been called so many filthy names, just because I believe in gun rights! ┬áIf our gun rights are taken away – there won’t be any patriots alive – only people who support tyranny and armed criminals and terrorists. This is exactly who DHS is coming after too, not Islamic terrorists, not gang members – they are coming after Christians, Libertarians, Pro lifers, Constitutionalists, Preppers, anyone with common sense. They are trying to alter the demographics here altogether. While they were distracting the nation with the overplayed shooting in Oregon (which I believe was as real as Sandy Hook), our government was finalizing the TPP, and signing on with the United Nations to put UN Police in the larger cities to ‘assist’ the metro police departments. If we do not fight this, we may as well say goodbye to our country for good. The UN police have NO PLACE on our soil! The United Nations is not our friend. They have one goal, to take over the world. They hate freedom, they have perpetrated this false climate change and carbon tax on us for our enslavement. The people in the UN are the same people who are mandating that we keep our borders open. They are mandating that every white country accept third world muslims and take care of them. I live in Idaho, and our state is accepting thousands of them this year, and more next year. I want to make something very clear. These people are not refugees. These people are coming here to do one thing. Conquer. And kill anyone who is against it. If you are a Christian, they hate you and want to kill you! Their law (and make no mistake, Islam is not a religion, it is a political system) is to kill an infidel. These people are not coming to America because they embrace our freedoms. They come from countries where they have no freedoms, and when they come here, they are like a wild animal that has been released from a cage, so they do whatever they wish. And the UN protects them, in the name of religion. Please know, the UN is NOT OUR FRIEND. I wrote a piece earlier this year about UN Agenda 21, well, it has been ramped up since the pope came to visit. This new push is totalitarian at its worst. Their goal is to socially engineer everyone on the planet. Their goal is to live in a resource free society, ZERO emissions. Do you know what that means? ZERO people! Except a few slaves to push buttons or file papers. These people are maltheusean humanity hating psychos. These are the same people who protect corporations like Monsanto – a chemical company whos goal is to control the food supply of the world. The current world population is 7.3 billion, it is in black and white – they intend to begin culling the herd at 9 billion. They already have begun – I wrote a blog about the genocide taking place in S Africa against the Afrikaaner population (this is the Dutch white population, there is no intervention by the UN to save these poor people, and white people are dying every day there). Darfur a few years ago, the UN didn’t step in at all, infact they armed the terrorists to wipe these poor defenseless tribes out. Why? Because they didn’t like them! That was their reason! And more than 150k people needlessly were viciously slaughtered just because they didn’t like them. Rwanda was the same. And these atrocities just keep happening. They are the same degenerates who have taken over every country via the banking system. These are the same people who created the UN. They have one agenda, and that is to run the world – and it is not a world of peace and happiness they envision. They hate humanity, so they intend to rid the world of as many people as possible. They believe man is a ‘cancer’ to the planet. I believe they are the cancer to the planet, and if we are going to cull, lets start with them! I would like to suggest a few leaked documents – these are nefarious documents at best – they were all leaked by someone within their circles who had a conscience, and believed the world needed to know. I am going to attach a few links, I urge the reader to please read these documents in full – two of them are on YouTube, one is read aloud. Please arm yourself with some knowledge, I am also putting a link to a few websites who have obtained many documents that are so evil, it is hard to believe that we have people like this running our world. The documents below are just the tip of the iceberg – I strongly recommend StopTheCrime.net – Deborah Tavares is a researcher and activist, and a wealth of knowledge about the overall evil plans to take down our country. The Silent Weapons document is how they are poisoning us via dirty electricity and cell tower radiation, and Iron Mountain is how the United Nations plan to destroy the Constitution and rewrite our laws. I have learned much more than this, I will write more in another blog. I suggest getting familiar with all of these websites, they are full of documents, and the best way we can really arm ourselves is with knowledge. Thanks for reading, and God bless.