Has Obama hinted about a Third Term?

President Obama has infact hinted at us, on more than one occasion that he could win a third term.  In 2014, he spoke to an audience, and began his speech with, “I am in my second term”. And then went on to say, under the Constitution, he cannot run again. Since when did anything in the Constitution keep this man from doing as he pleased? For the past 7 years, this President has had more scandals, spent more money, ignored the American people, and operated more as a dictator than a U.S. President. In an article in the National Report the title reads: Secret White House Memos Reveal Obama Explores Options for a Third Term. Documents obtained by the National Report, including emails and private memos between Obama and then Atty. General Eric Holder. The President was seeking advice regarding  circumventing the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. A source from Eric Holder’s office had spoken with the National Report and had this to say:

“As it stands today, the Constitution forbids a third term of course, but as any American knows, the Constitution is a living document which is meant to be altered as the nation sees fit and in time of great need. The fact that we have had 27 amendments, shows that it has been done many times in the past, so the idea of a third Obama term, though it would require leaping over what may appear to be insurmountable hurdles, is still quite possible if, in the best interest of all Americans, it is deemed necessary to prevent far Right Republicans from taking control of the Executive branch of government. This is something that the Obama administration would deem a threat to our democracy, thus requiring emergency measures.” – (See more at: http://nationalreport.net/secret-white-house-memos-reveal-obama-exploring-options-third-term/#sthash.VKec1lFi.dpuf) I would consider such remarks as quite serious. And Mr. Obama has a track record of saying he will not, then he does. At the National Press Club Dinner, Tavist Smiley made cracks about remaining in another term – and Obama was quick to put the kibosh on those ‘remarks’. . Seeing the track record of this President, I would advise anyone, you may want to prepare yourself – he just might make 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. his permanent residence.

President Obama had also asked Holder about possibilities regarding any legal constraints on a sitting President in times of martial law.

I would just ask you to consider this; his track record. He has never done what he said he would do, in fact, he has done the opposite. He has made many empty promises to the American people. And his track record has been untruthful.

I would also ask you to consider his own words; he said in 2014 – “I know many would like me to be able to change the law”. And Congress has also refered to him as a “King”. He thumbs his nose at the rule of law, and treats our Representatives as though they were a non entity. He has bypassed law. His own words- “I don’t have to run for office again”- and he doesn’t. He denieth too loud. And what I mean is – he has made this statement of a third term too many times, it is like he is telling us exactly what he intends to do. In his arrogance, or just delusion, he believes himself to be a good President. He has declared himself a unilateral, a law unto himself.

His claims of being a third term President are apalling at best, and he has been given a blank check. There is no accountability. He does as he wishes, and Congress just sits back and permits it. And he believes if a Republican were to win, then all of the glorious things he has done for our country would come apart at the seams. He stated he has an obligation to remain in for the American people. He says he isn’t finished and he has bigger plans for us. He has even gone so far as to say he intends to remain living in Washington after he leaves office – WTF is that supposed to mean? He has gone so far as to threaten if the American people don’t change the law, he will declare martial law.

I believe this President means every word he says. I believe he would use drastic measures if the American people don’t agree with him. Since when has he cared what the American people think, anyway? Don’t forget the NDAA and the Resources Preparedness bill, which gives him full control over all people and all resources – that means food, water, livestock, transportation, property, businesses, and so on. And that is in both times of peace and wartime. And this is where he could declare martial law. This isn’t a new bill – former Presidents enacted similar acts, but it allows broader authority to the President  than any of the past Executive Orders.

For nearly 8 years, we have seen repeated abuses of power. America has fallen under tyranny, and it really began before Obama, since the mid-nineties when Clinton enacted the Wildlands Project which Federalized 1/4 of our lands. We also saw the same sort of abuses under Bush, who can forget 9/11 -that was where the end began. We have seen repeated acts by both parties that were absolutely criminal, but Obama has been more brazen, and has demonstrated his hatred for this country more than any President. And though he has told us over and over, “I can’t run a third term, it’s unconstitutional”. When has that ever stopped this President? When has he ever considered if something was unconstitutional? So what would stop him from taking up permanent residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Absolutely nothing. I think we should brace ourselves, it could very well become a reality. God bless, and thank you for reading:)



What mainstream news is not telling us about Oregon

I chose to write about this story, because it is another classic example of UN Agenda 21 at work. If you remember the Bundy standoff in Nevada in 2014, this is a similar story. It is another BLM land grab on a family ranch.

I will briefly recap what is going on. A rancher owner in Oregon has been going through some bureaucracy with the BLM. In 2005, Mr. Hammond set a precribed burn on HIS property, and basically, it got slightly out of control and burned onto federal property. A prescribed burn is something that land owners do to improve the quality of the land. The federal government has decided to rehash this issue, and charge Dwight Hammond and his son Steve Hammond with arson and terrorism (?). Both of these men have clean records, they have never been charged with a crime. Anyway, back in 2005, they were fined, and the matter was supposed to go away – well, it didn’t. The matter was rehashed. The federal prosecutor felt they needed to do some time in a federal prison for their ‘crimes’ (mind you, when this fire was set, there was no burn ban, and the only damage was some sagebrush and a small bush, which mother nature took care of). There is a more nefarious agenda here, yes, this has everything to do with UN Agenda 21, that is why I am writing about it. This is just another prime example of how the federal government is running people off their land. The federal government already owns one fourth of the land mass here is the US. They want all of it. Putting private farms and ranches out of business is high on their to-do list.

The federal government charged Dwight Hammond and his son Steve, and ordered they turn themselves in on Jan. 4, 2016. This is where the protest began. Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy (Bundy Ranch standoff, Nevada 2014) heard about the injustice and reached out to the Hammond family, and has been a great deal of support to them. My personal view was, they decided to throw both men into prison believing the ranch won’t be able to operate without the two men, and the family lose the ranch after legal costs and inability to run the ranch, since the two men who are in charge are locked up. This is how evil our federal government is becoming. So, basically, Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan had occupied the Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon. And some of his supporters are from other farms, constitutionalists, and even a militia group. They are calling for the federal government to release these men, and relinguish control of the land back to the Hammond family. Their reasons are because the imprisonment of Dwight and Steve Hammond was excessive and unconstitutional.

This is happening to private ranch owners and farms all over the US. This\\ man made drought in California has destroyed farmers all the way from San Joaquin valley to Sacramento valley. A few years ago, California congress had turned off the water from the California aqueduct (which provided all of the water to the farms in that area) to save the delta smelt. A tiny guppy that lives in the MANMADE aqueduct. It put many of the ranches out of business. I grew up in central California, and it has always been lush fertile land. Everything grows in California. Oranges, avocado, almond, olives, grapes (private wineries are also affected greatly, particularly Sonoma County), plums, peaches, strawberries – all leafy greens, and this list goes on. The former breadbasket to the world was devastated by special interests and crooked politicians. California has also experienced the biggest drought in history, and I do believe it was engineered (go to Geoengineeringwatch.org for more information about the California drought, Oregon was also affected). This is widespread all over the U.S. I would highly recommend watching Farmageddon – it is available on YouTube, and I will post a link at the bottom of the page.

Getting back to the Hammond situation, Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan have been occupying the Wildlife Refuge facility in Oregon, and this is basically what has fueled all of the insanity. Here are some comments from Ammon Bundy, and I am going to attach a link to an interview about this situation, and allow you the reader to make up your own mind. Ammon Bundy isn’t trying to fuel a standoff, he said, “This is about the federal government controlling the land and resources and putting whole counties and communities in economic duress. This is about violation of human rights, and the federal government not even caring about what is in the Constitution.” BLM does not have the right to go to peoples properties and steal land. This is the federal government wanting to control all land and resources, getting us all off our land, and relocate us to their ‘Megacities’ ie virtual concentration camps. Ammon Bundy also said, “The US Attorneys office ordered the Hammond family to end all communication with the Bundy family or they would detain the Hammond’s early, so the Hammonds complied. They felt their lives were in danger. They felt my life was in danger, they thought the U.S. government would raid their home and take them.” I don’t remember any law that prohibits communication between families.  This is how agregious this has become. These people are actually in fear for their lives. This reminds me of the FBI standoff in N Idaho back in 1998, when an unarmed mother carrying a baby and her 13 year old son were shot on sight. I live in N Idaho, and the federal government didn’t get any support from us. Randy Weaver ended up winning a wrongful death lawsuit, but no amount of money could replace the loss of a wife and a child.

So, this is just another story about big government throwing their weight around and having little or no regard for people. This is another example of land stealing. This is another example of UN Agenda 21, blueprint for tyranny and enslavement of humanity. I will post more about this as I learn more. I am watching this situation closely, and praying that no one gets hurt. This is another case of freedom loving people standing up for their rights and being painted as kooks. Start doing research, the mainstream is going to malign this story. Deviate the true situation and make true patriots look like crackpots. The mainstream news did it to the TEA party (Taxed Enough Already), gun lovers, anyone who is against Obama’s tyrannical policies and all freedom loving people all over the country. So  please, before you judge this family, please know the facts. They are victims of UN Agenda 21 land grabbing at work.

I am writing this to set the record straight. The mainstream news isn’t going to tell the whole story about this situation. This is about our freedoms. As I write this, there are many farmers and ranchers who’s land is being usurped by the federal government, all while completely disregarding the U.S. Constitution. And it isn’t just the ranches and farms, the suburbs are also falling victim to this. So are the rural homeowners. Their goal is to vacate private property right out of existence, return all lands to nature, and cram all humans into their megaregions aka virtual concentration camps. If you are a homeowner, I would urge you to look deeper into this. Clown news and the talking heads aren’t going to tell you the truth about this. They have twisted this story to make these peaceful people look like a bunch of of radical extremists, which they are not. They are regular Americans who are sick and tired of seeing the federal government abuse power. And it is also in the Bill of Rights that we are to stand our ground when government turns into tyrants.

The next time we see a situation like this (and I am sure this won’t be the last), please remember to think twice before accepting everything the mainstream news has to say. They are puppets letting the powers that be pull the strings. And it is the same powers that be who are chissling away at our freedoms. There are always two sides to a story, and the mainstream always insists on controlling the narrative. And in most cases, they malign the victims, and portray them as gun wielding psychos. This group of people – the freedom advocates, are standing up for our rights, and should be commended, not bashed or portrayed as crackpots. When they are gone, who is going to stand up? Will we leave a world of tyranny to our children and grandchildren? Or will we take back what is ours, not the federal governments. God bless and thank you so much for reading.



Attack on Our Rights

It’s awesome how technology has advanced us so far – we can now, with a few dollars, have our own radio show. I also enjoy many of the net broadcasts -or podcasts. But there are a few that I think are doing it to grandstand. Like they have this inner need for fame or recognition, its really unprofessional and really disgusting when they are preaching just for money and attention. It is arrogance and God certainly won’t bless them for it.

I listen mostly to the truth community, and many of them are really good. They do their research and they have some really cool guests too. I have learned so much from listening to these shows – it is a blessing that we have that, and we have them. The truth movement is under attack by the federal government – and this is something we really need to fight. Our first amendment right is heavily under attack and I do pray about it. This has become a big part of my daily life, researching, reading and sharing.

I am not going to get off point with this too much, because my topic is about Internet radio truthers and evangelists, but I want to address the first amendment and how we are being attacked. The truth movement is called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and we are maligned by the mainstream and the elite. They pay their shills to get out there and defame reputations, trash people, make them look like tin foil hat wearing conspiracy kooks. Truth is, they are very threatened by the ones who are telling the truth. The powers that be do not want anyone knowing what they are really up to, but if you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, it isn’t that difficult to recognize. They tell us their goals in Hollywood predictive programming, in their tasteless sitcoms and adult cartoons ( I think the adult cartoons like Family Guy are designed to destroy the family unit – it is the most immoral program on television). Many really gifted people are able to interpret and translate some of the messaging in movies, TV, etc. And they hold their satanic rituals at the Superbowl halftime shows, at any entertainment awards ceremony, and other events. They are truly serving the devil, and it is disturbing at best. And these are the same people who are attacking the First Amendment – it is a right, endowed by our Creator, and Satans tools are trying to quell it in many areas – hate speech is just one of them. I am not advocating hate speech, but it is how they are going about it by demonizing Christians if they do not agree with Islam. There are many evil facets of Islam. It should not be protected as a religion, because it isn’t. It is a political system. I will save that for another blog.

The latest report I heard was by a YouTuber – he has a truth channel and a publication online. He is very good, very informative. Well, he broke out with a video a few days ago telling us about YouTube changing a great deal of their rules, which may cost us all our channels. It is the powers again, they are quelling the truth by controlling what we share. They want to make it so the independent media cannot make videos that are news or politics, because they are not ‘qualified journalists’. Freedom of the press is one of our rights – because it is sharing information. Our state run media doesn’t even tell us the truth – and that is exactly why they wish to quell us. I am sure they will attack blogging soon, because it is just another form of alternative media. Right now, they are going after the YouTubers who publish daily. It is basically commentary on the events taking place in the world, so it shouldn’t even be called ‘journalism’. It is opinion. In this brave new world though, there will be no place for an opinion. You are a dissenter if you have an opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs. This is why they attack people so often – to malign and destroy their credibility. That is how liberals do it – they attack when you hit them with the truth. Usually with ‘you’re a racist’. So the powers do this in much the same way. They use their shills to attack the truth tellers, because they want others who view – to think they are a conspiracy kook or something like that. This brave new world will have one mind. Individualism will not be tolerated. How dare you think of yourself! It isn’t for the common good – the collective. This is the new think. This is the evil social engineering they are trying to ram down our throats. It is really sick. They see the masses as stupid animals that they can control. They even refer to us as ‘the herd’ or ‘cannon fodder’. Well, there are many of these people who are already in hell, and they are Satans cannon fodder and no one cares. This is their ultimate goal, to control all humans – monitor their every move, monitor their communication, their financial transactions, their lifestyles, etc. See UN Agenda 21 about that – because that is exactly what it is. A blueprint for tyranny. Anything that is ‘socialized’ is just the beginning. When you hear ‘public/private partnership’ – that is socialism. We do live in a socialist society now, the free America that once was, is gone forever. This is why they are dismantling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You don’t deserve any rights, the government will decide what you have a right to. You have a right to shitty socialized Obamacare – substandard medical with long lines and long waiting lists. Shortages, death panels of people who decide if you are valuable enough to try to save. If you are old, better to let you just die instead of give any quality care. And make public your medical records – makes one think of Nazi Germany, their Eugenics program (which they got from us). Hitler wanted a perfect race, and he euthanized and sterilized many people who were socially ‘unfit’. My health is failing, and someday, they may decide to just let me die, instead of allowing my doctor to treat me. The crazy thing is – there is a difference between a right and a privelege. A right is granted by God. You have a right to think. You have a right to worship as you wish. You have a right to speak without being silenced. God gives us many rights, and this evil global agenda is going to take away our rights. They already are. California is now a slave state, pretty much. Their elected officials and NGOs are so arrogant. They don’t listen to their constituants, and they do not care. This agenda has been fought tooth and nail, and there is currently a litigation ongoing.They are going through with the One Bay Area plan and the regionalization of the entire state, even though no one wants it. This move puts an end to local government – now, instead of Contra Costa County, it is regionalized with 9 other counties so it is one ‘region’.I will post references at the bottom of the page. And I do not care if you call me a conspiracy kook, this is going to happen all over the US. Along with the North American Union (open borders with Mexico and Canada), the local planners will be introducing ‘human settlements’. This is the Mega Cities project (there are maps online, and it is real). And eventually, instead of independent states, we will be regionalized into 10 parts – (this is also real, and there is a map to prove that). This idea is decades in the making, it was first introduced in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit (see my earlier blog about UN Agenda 21).I still highly recommend reading ‘Behind the Green Mask’ by Rosa Koire. She is an expert on UN Agenda 21 (now ramped up to Agenda 2030, same thing, only at a faster and more totalitarian pace).

Even though that last rant may seem like I got off track, I really didn’t, because it has everything to do with our rights. It is the plan to remove our rights for good, it is a totalitarian plan for globalization and standardization, that is how they will be able to micro manage everyone and everything.

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a rock, I feel like I write this stuff to inform people, and they just aren’t taking it in. No one seems concerned. And that is exactly what the powers want, they do not want you engaged. Why do you think we have cell phones now? They are disconnecting us from our families, our friends, everything. They don’t want us poking around in their business, finding out what they are doing to us, telling others what they are doing to us. They tell you – go shopping, or watch the game, or go grab a bite to eat, go back to sleep. They want those to remain ignorant so they cannot get involved. Well, I am involved now, and trying to do something about it. We are losing our freedoms, it is happening right under our nose. Every day, and not too many people are paying attention. It’s time to wake up, because they are stealing our country from us. They are bringing in hordes of third worlders to destroy us, and no one is paying attention. These people are being brought here by one organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center – yes, they call this thing they are doing – social justice. If you live in a nice middle class neighborhood, well, they are going to move these people in to your neighborhood. The way they see it, it  isn’t fair that you worked hard and have a nice home, a car and are able to provide well for yourself – they believe these people, even though they didn’t work for it, deserve it too. They don’t deserve to live in the third world, we need to share with them – take what you have and give it to them – redistribution of your wealth, not their wealth. And the guy behind the scenes doing this is one of the wealthiest people in the world, George Soros. If you are middle class, you are their target. They hate us more than anyone, because they see us as the greatest consumers. This is getting into UN Agenda 21 again, but this is how they are laying the groundwork for their globalization. Think of the book 1984, this is what they are modeling after. Just take a look at Europe. The EU forced their countries to take in millions of refugees, and it hasn’t done any of these countries any good. It has been eating away at the culture of these beautiful countries, the demographs have changed dramatically. Sweden once had the lowest crime rate in the world, now one out of every 5 Swedish girls will be raped – not by a Swede, by a migrant from another country. The rate of immigration in France is so high, France will be an Islamic state within 15 years. There are more mosques than there are churches. Fifty percent of the babies born in most EU states are named Mohammed. The goal of the EU (which is the UN) is to collapse these countries from within – by overloading them with government handouts to these refugees, all on the backs of the naturalized citizens. These are the goals of the United Nations – they seek to run the world and take away our inalienable rights – rights that we were born with, rights endowed by our Creator, and replace them with their ideas of rights – the kinds of rights granted by a tyrannical oppressive governance that they can grant, or take away. The UN Constitution is not anything close to the Constitution of the United States. It doesn’t recognize individual rights, like private property. These people are obsessed with population control. I could write a book about that. We need to take back our country. The UN has imposed itself on us, and its time for us to get out. We need to pray that our Heavenly Father will give us another chance, and not leave a dark oppressive world to our children. I don’t recognize this place. This isn’t the America I grew up in. Let’s take back our country, and expose the people who want to destroy this precious gift that God gave to us. They hate everything that is good. They hate everything that is moral or decent. There is no place for that in this country, or in this world for that matter, but the facts are – evil is alive and well, and the only way to stop it is to expose it. If your fed up like me, we need to do something. God bless, and thank you for reading:)

Do Aliens exist? Could they be something ‘else’?

I realize this is out of my norm, I have been researching some of the practices of the ancient Sumerian Babylonian mystery religions, and the Book of Enoch – and it really is such a fascinating story, I had to write about it. I am not an expert, in fact, some of the things I will be writing are going to be from the other experts. I feel it is important enough to write about in order that we understand our true history. We have been horribly lied to about a lot of it, and I am just seeking real truth.

In my research, I really got myself better acquainted with the Dead Sea Scrolls – The Book of Enoch, in particular. I do not know if these are actual pages missing from the Bible, but they are authentic, and they were the writings of Enoch, mentioned in Genesis. We read Genesis 6:4 – “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” The sons of God were referring to the fallen angels of old. They were called the Watchers, according to the book of Enoch. And the offspring of these fallen angels bore giants, and these are who I wish to write about. They corrupted the entire planet at the time, leaving God no other choice but to destroy the earth, and all that was in it, with the exception of Noah, his wife, their sons and their wives.

Now, it is the wives of Noah’s sons that leaves the question. Noah was an upright Godly man, and his seed wasn’t corrupt (Genesis chapter 1). Neither was his wife, so their children were not corrupt. But there made no mention of the wives, and that is really an open question. Because there were still giants on the earth, and after the flood as well. This is the verse I am researching – after the flood.

The purpose of the corrupt seed, goes back to the original sin. God’s punishment to Satan for causing the first sin was to be crushed by the seed of the woman, so he has been trying to destroy it ever since. We see it today, transhumanism for one. I will attach some links to learn more about that. Tom Horn, Pastor, author, and researcher has written a few books about this. The ‘elite’ have put a great deal of money into this. It is about becoming ‘post-human hybrids’. Mixing genes. corrupting the seed. We see it today, scientists are creating all kinds of weird species by mixing the DNA of animals, and even humans. The elite believe they have found the secret to ‘living forever’ (I refuse to say eternal life, because only Jesus can give us eternal life). So, many millions, even billions of dollars are spent on the research of ‘Human 2.0’. But that isn’t what I am talking about, it has a great deal to do with what is going on though. These scientists believe that ‘human 2.0’ will put us plain old people into extinction. Their plans are to build a better human, by mixing perhaps the genes of a bat for better sight, or the genes of a cheetah so a person could run faster, or even creating ‘part human/part computer – for greater intelligence. And even avatars – yes, just like the movie. They believe they will be able to transfer ones ‘consciousness’ into an avatar – and live forever. I don’t believe that will ever happen. In fact, the ‘human conscience’ as they refer to it, is the human soul. I don’t believe that could happen, because they still do not even know where the soul is. But this is what they would have us to believe, that by the year 2045 – “Man becomes immortal”. ,

So, in the days of Noah, there were the fallen angels, and their offspring, the Nephilim. They were giants, but they were other things too. They corrupted the entire earth, mixing species, mixing man with animal, bird with reptile, and many other. There has been a huge cover up of the evidence of giants. Archeologists have been unearthing many different bones over the years. David Hatcher Childress coined the phrase “Smithsoniangate”, and that is pretty much what it is. They have denied us a great deal of archeological history. There are newspaper articles that go way back to the 1800s with stories of giant bones found. And there is some strange connection between the elite and these giant bones. I believe a lot of it has to do with evolution v creation. If they make it go away, it isn’t true or it doesn’t exist. Whenever there is a new ancient discovery, the Smithsonian is all over it, and then we never hear anything about it again. Recently though, Brien Foerster – an alternative historian, has researched these elongated skulls. They have been found all over the planet. They are huge deformed skulls, with large eye sockets, and the brain mass on these things is 60% larger than the average human. The argument for the strange skulls  is, some tribes would tie a board around the skull of their infants who were chosed to be groomed for some sort of leadership in the tribe. They would bind the skull with a board around it, giving it an elongated shape, but it doesn’t change the mass or the volume of the skull. And how do they explain the large eye sockets? And the weight of the skull is 60% heavier than the average human skull. Skull stretching wouldn’t change that one bit. It would only form the shape, but not the mass. Anyway, he has a project in Paracas, Peru. He has had DNA testing done on a few of the skulls, and the results were quite surprising. These things weren’t even human! There is nothing in nature that even comes close to these things. He was only able to test a few of the 300 skulls they have, so he is trying to raise money to have all 300 tested because testing a few would be easy to dismiss. I believe they are something else. I believe these are the bloodline of the fallen angels. Please research this for yourself, it sounds so crazy, but every bit of this is true.

So did these beings exist? I believe there is plenty of evidence to say yes, they did. Do they still exist today? I think so. I believe they are still here. The Sumerian religion originated by the fallen angels. And there is evidence of the practice of this religion in all ancient civilizations, all over the planet. There is a definite link between this religion, and these beings. Like I said, this type of article is way out of my norm, believe it or not, in my Agenda 21 research, this is how I stumbled upon this topic, and I have found it so fascinating, I had to share it with my readers. I may even be able to offer a connection between UN Agenda 21 and these beings. I may be going out on a limb here, but I still believe today this war between God’s creation and these beings is still on. David Icke calls them ‘Reptilians’. I believe they are the same as what we know as ‘aliens’. If you make the connection between UN Agenda 21 and these beings – why would it not make sense, that maybe some strange race would want to take over the planet and wipe out and/or enslave humanity? That is basically what UN Agenda 21 is, a blueprint for our enslavement. Research has shown that these ‘beings’ are much more intelligent than we are. They have been described as ‘mathematical’ beings, not emotional. They do not have the capacity to understand love and compassion, it isn’t in their DNA. And that may be why we see the sacrifice of children and babies by them, because they do not have the capacity to feel compassion or empathy.

I have never believed in ‘aliens’, but in my research of these beings – Nephilim, Hominids, whatever they may be called, I do believe there is a connection between the two. I won’t go into my opinion of what aliens are, if you look at some of L.A. Marzulli’s work, he believes they are one in the same, or aliens are really the souls of the nephilim, they are inter-dimensional, not extraterrestrial. I go with that belief. In the Book of Enoch, he tells us plainly where evil spirits came from. They are the souls of these Nephilim-hybrid humanoids, and they wander the planet, looking for a host. That is where I see the connection. If this topic interests you, please do some research, don’t take my word for it. Five years ago, I would have believed this was nuts. But the evidence is out there, and I encourage you to do your own research on this. I attached a link to a playlist I made with some really interesting stuff on the subject of giants and Nephilim. I wish I had more to offer on this topic, if this topic did interest you, please leave me a comment and thank you for reading.