UN Agenda 21 has been ‘ramped up’ to UN Agenda 2030

After learning a few days ago that the ‘climate change’ bill has been passed at the Climate Summit in Paris, I feel it is only important to write about it incase someone out there isn’t familiar with it.

Because of its passing, it is another sad day in America, as we watch our freedoms go away, under the guise of climate change. The whole thing is just a scam, in fact, NOAA is being sued by a number of climatologists because of false science to determine ‘global warming’. And President Obama has threatened to criminalize anyone who claims the science is false, that is how serious the global elite are about protecting it. It aims to control our energy, electricity and water usage. It will control the food supply – why? Because Henry Kissinger said, “He who controls the food, controls the people”. The entire plan for UN Agenda 21 is a totalitarian takeover of all people, plants, commodities, food, land, water, electricity, gas, etc. all under the guise of global warming.

UN Agenda 21 is a stealth plan, and it is now on fast track. So, how did this happen? Maurice Strong – who headed up the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, said, “It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the imperatives of global environmental cooperation.” They decided they needed a crisis to implement International Law, a common disaster, a common threat to the globe. So, global warming was the problem they came up with. Actually, it the idea of pollution causing a global catastrophe was first hatched in the early 1960s. I will post the “Iron Mountain Report” at the end of this article. So was Universal Healthcare, we know it as “Obamacare” or “socialized medicine”.

We didn’t start seeing any of the changes until the mid 1990s, when the BLM was running folks in the rural areas off their property, and the UN began land grabbing – mostly our National Parks. And they are still doing it, recently, California gave up a major portion of the San Gabriel mountain range – where people do live. Even though the citizens were against it, Obama flew the very same day to California just to sign the bill!

The plan is to convert counties and cities into “regions”. And the states would no longer exist, they will be called ‘sectors’. This is right out of the movie “The Hunger Games”. The United States would no longer be. Instead, it is broken up into 10 areas (I will post the map at the bottom of the page). Our elected city, county and state officials would be replaced by non elected government officials. There are eleven proposed ‘megacities’ in this project – again, this is all published, so you may look up the maps for “Megacities 2050”. Their goal is to cram the population into these megacities in stack and pack housing (they call them human dwellings). Each unit only providing about 225 sq ft of room. They are set up in packed areas, with housing and work all zoned in one area. The long term goal is to get everyone out of suburban housing. According to them, this is also unsustainable. They consider single family homes ‘social injustice’. It isn’t fair if you can have a home of your own while so many others don’t. So this is how they would level the playing field. How will they do it? Well, look at what is happening to the EU, no jobs, mass immigration, austerity, and soon food and water shortages will follow. How will they get you out of your home? Well, they will make it so expensive to live there, it will force you to move. Or they will send a planning agent from the city to keep coming to your home and fining you for ‘zoning ordinances’. California has implemented “Nuisance abatement squads” who drive around picking on people for grass too tall, too many vehicles in driveway, growing organic gardens (that will soon be outlawed because they have to control all of the food, again – it’s considered ‘social injustice’. The fines are quite steep and many have lost their homes due to continuous harassment from the ‘Yard Nazis’. And the latest thing, they are sending planners to your home to nitpick your household appliances, soon it will be illegal to own a regular refrigerator or stove that isn’t ‘energy star’. What they will do, is replace your appliances with ‘smart appliances’. Yeah, they can monitor your usage through the smart meters. And they will attach the loan for these appliances to your home, so if you miss a payment, they can take your house. This is their sneaky way of getting single family homeowners out of the suburbs and forcing them into the city.

Rural folk have their own issues to deal with too. In the Western states, the UN decided to ‘rehome’ many large grey wolves from the Yukon into the rural areas. They are at least twice as large as our native wolves, and they are destroying much of the wildlife. Elk herds in Montana have dwindled from 25,000 to less than 5,000 – so hunting is no longer allowed for some of the herds. And it’s brutal and heartbreaking the way these wolves can take down a buck. They hunt in packs, so deer, even moose are easy prey. They know humans do not have a chance to these monsters, and they don’t care. Another one of their goals is depopulation. Of people!

The United Nations was founded by the ‘ruling class’. It was started to ‘prevent war’ and be a world organization to oversee nations – but these power grabbers really had other things in mind. A group of bankers – the same clan of men who usurped our government in 1913 through something called “The Federal Reserve Act” – began this with one goal in mind. World domination. And with all of these new ‘acts’ being formed like the TPP, TAP, TTIP – they are gaining more control of us, and hardly anyone is paying attention because they are too busy sucking down beers to watch football, or hear the latest stupid scandal of the Hollywood elite. This information wasn’t difficult for me to find. I have been researching this for a long time, and I believed this would take place after I die, but they are ramping UN Agenda 21 from 2050 to 2030. I really wish Americans would research this more, because we are about to lose all of our rights. Yes, they already have a constitution written for us, and it does not at all resemble the US Constitution. There will not be a Bill of Rights, because you will not have rights, you will have ‘priveleges’.

Transportation will transition from personal automobiles to high speed rails. Owning a car is also ‘social injustice’. How do they plan to do this? Well, they are doing it in California already. Turning the freeways into toll roads. It would be $11 to enter – and even if you only have to travel 1/2 a mile, there is no discount. So – just a commute back and forth to work would be $22 a day, not to mention cost of operation. And insurance companies are also in on this -(the only people involved in this are the elite ruling class – that would be the banks, the politicians, and the corporations because he who has the money, makes the rules. So expect high rate hikes in your auto insurance.

The green agenda is to monitor each person and every business on their water and power usage – use allowance will be very limited, because they want us to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ (I could write another blog just about that!). And with the smart meters, they would be able to monitor your usage, and if you are using too much, they can shut it off right from their offices. Their goal is to ration these amounts to just enough to live on. Not only do they plan to do away with private property, they plan to eliminate private business. They have already been working on that, driving small business out by taxation, forcing health care expenses for employees, etc. Their ‘solution’ is public/private partnerships.

The true travesty of this green agenda is our freedoms will be a thing of the past. This plan will do away with all of the freedoms we enjoy and hold so dear. The lies about carbon emissions were just that, lies. It was all an excuse to eliminate many of the jobs that kept America going at one time. The steel business was killed by UN Agenda 21. The mining and logging business is under great threat. The real reason for killing so much of our industry was to make America no longer great, and kill the middle class. In their document, they mention the American middle class, and it is we who have been under assault the most. Their ‘Utopian plan’ is two-class. The very rich upper class, and the serf class, that is you and me.

One of the ‘unsustainables’ they mention is individualism. That is another right that will be taken away. Any plan someone makes, if it doesn’t benefit the ‘collective’, then it isn’t fair. If a person tries to do something for himself/herself, they would be shamed and isolated by the community for not of the common good, and labeled selfish. It is like in the Warsaw ghettos, people would get shot for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their family. And these ‘megacities’ are basically high tech concentration camps. Cameras on every corner, plus your ‘efficient apartment’ with spy meters everywhere. So, the right to privacy is no longer a right. Another unsustainable is the family unit. It is no longer acceptible, because they are trying to cull the population. In fact, they plan to do away with the traditional conceiving pregnancy, instead, they want to do invetro fertilization. And you would have to apply for a license to have a child. Their biggest concern is population. (See the Georgia Guidestones) Organized religion is another ‘unsustainable’, because they do not believe you have a right to your own beliefs. Christianity teaches we are individuals with inalienable rights endowed by our creator. If you enjoy snow skiing, too bad. Unsustainable. Golf, unsustainable. Livestock, unsustainable. Consumption of meat, unsustainable. Farming or ranching, unsustainable. Because the corporations like Monsanto, Cargill and ADM want to control all of the farming and dairy industries. (I recommend the documentary ‘Farmageddon’ – it is how the government is putting small organic, dairy and cattle farmers out of business- it can be viewed on YouTube).


This is the most questionable one of all. Their ‘science’ claims that our C02s are causing all of the problems. They claim there are too many people on the planet, therefore we are producing too much CO2 (an element necessary for life). C02 is an element necessary for plants, and all life. It is a good thing, but through the public education system (which I will address later), we have been so dumbed down, most people actually believe that it is the of all of the earths problems. I am going to write another blog about the false science that is determining this global warming hoax. For example, the sun is not even taken into account for warming the planet! The culprits are 1. People – too many people. 2. Livestock – too many emissions. 3. Industry – emissions. (When countries who produce so much pollution, like China and India – only a few countries are mandating reduction of carbon emissions). This is a big lie being told to everyone, and everyone has a right to know, they are not the problem. Here is a remark made by a UN official: (excerpt from the UN Biodiversity Assessment, Pg 773) it says:

‘Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere’ (a false premise)

‘It is estimated that an agricultural world in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people.’

‘At the most frugal European standards of living, 2-3 billion people would be possible.’ (there are currently 7.5 billion worldwide)

‘In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion.’

‘We must reduce the earth’s population to 1 billion to an ‘agrarian’ peasant status.’

This is an 85% reduction of the world’s population.

These are actual comments by a UN official. This is their religion. This is what they teach. This is an arrogant group of elites who believe we are ‘cannon fodder’ or ‘cattle’ and must be managed. They believe we are too stupid to critically think on our own, so they must rule over us.

Here are a few phrases you should be able to recognize as UN Agenda 21 double speak –

New Economy            Stakeholder           Equity             Common Good        Consensus                 Outcome Based Education                                                        Benefit for all            Walkable                Bikeable

and there are many more to acquaint yourself with. This is communism at its best, and it is coming to a community near you. This time it is packaged with a false happy face. This is the blueprint for our enslavement. This is the world we will be leaving our children and grandchildren to. It will be a bleak world with too many limits. They will not know what it is to enjoy a camping trip out in the woods, because their ‘nature preserves’ will be off limits to all humans. Fishing will not be allowed.


I cannot really elaborate on this topic too much as I have not thoroughally researched it. But this new program is based solely on sustainability. The NEA has implemented this program worldwide. Your children will be learning things like ‘The history of the grocery bag’ instead of math and history. They will be learning about conservation, instead of science. It is a plan implemented to teach them how to be a global citizen. They are being taught how to be a serf. How to not think of yourself as an individual, but they are communal, and every thought and action must be for the common good. Instead of giving them a sound education, it is all based on collectivism. This is a dangerous program, and many teachers have resigned because it is so maddening.

If you do not agree with this New World order – you will be labeled an ‘enemy combatant’. And placed on a watch list. There is already a watchlist on most people. Those who believe in the US Constitution, those who believe in their 2nd amendment rights, those who are Bible believing Christians who are aware of end times prophecy, Libertarians, preppers, homeschoolers – and this is just to name a few. And the DEA has many of us on this list. Our rights are being usurped. This is a surrender of all rights. They will change your rights to ‘priveleges’. The difference is – a privelege can be taken away. Rights to life are ignored, right to private property or inheritance is cancelled out. And wealth redistribution is exercised – and that doesn’t mean the rich give to us, it means the middle class (who is slowly being phased out) will be taxed to the degree that they end up in the lower class. If an enemy did this to us, they couldn’t have done a better job. But the UN is not our friend. It does not care about your rights, or mine. This is a fascist system. Based on public/private partnership.

The Earth Charter is the ‘bible’ for the UN. This is one of the main books being taught to our children. Their entire education is now about the planet. Pre-K to Post Grad is all being taught about sustainablilty. And population is one of their biggest concerns. The truth is, 7 billion people is too many to try to control. I will post some of the disturbing paintings that tells so much about their plans.

I plan to write more about this later. Everything I have learned about this doesn’t even scratch the surface, and I have learned enough about this to write a book. And I plan to. If you inquire one of these ‘change agents’ (usually someone in the planning department of your ciry or town) -and you ask them about UN Agenda 21, they will laugh at you and call you a conspiracy theorist, or tell you it doesn’t exist. On the UN website, you can order the 400 pg book that outlines Agenda 21, it is about $25. \

Thank you for reading and comments welcome:)DenverAirport2.DenverAirport1..jpg


These are quite disturbing murals. The artist is a Mayan man, and his artwork is outstanding (I am also a painter) but it is deeply disturbing. This group of murals tells their story of the New World Order, and I believe, how they plan to implement it. The painting of the military man carrying the sword – he is spraying some sort of poisonous gas, and in the mural are dead children and their mothers weeping. The ruling class hates us. They hate humanity. They hate our children, and in my research I have learned just how cold and heartless these people are. Completely devoid of compassion. I would really encourage my readers to search this out. We are experiencing it right now. They are already doing it to us via chemtrails, vaccines, GMO foods, chemicals in our water, and many other methods. They will do anything to cull the population.

If you are interested in learning any more about this, please feel free to contact me @ donniart48@gmail.com, or leave a comment here. Thank you so much for reading again.


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