Has Obama hinted about a Third Term?

President Obama has infact hinted at us, on more than one occasion that he could win a third term.  In 2014, he spoke to an audience, and began his speech with, “I am in my second term”. And then went on to say, under the Constitution, he cannot run again. Since when did anything in the Constitution keep this man from doing as he pleased? For the past 7 years, this President has had more scandals, spent more money, ignored the American people, and operated more as a dictator than a U.S. President. In an article in the National Report the title reads: Secret White House Memos Reveal Obama Explores Options for a Third Term. Documents obtained by the National Report, including emails and private memos between Obama and then Atty. General Eric Holder. The President was seeking advice regarding  circumventing the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. A source from Eric Holder’s office had spoken with the National Report and had this to say:

“As it stands today, the Constitution forbids a third term of course, but as any American knows, the Constitution is a living document which is meant to be altered as the nation sees fit and in time of great need. The fact that we have had 27 amendments, shows that it has been done many times in the past, so the idea of a third Obama term, though it would require leaping over what may appear to be insurmountable hurdles, is still quite possible if, in the best interest of all Americans, it is deemed necessary to prevent far Right Republicans from taking control of the Executive branch of government. This is something that the Obama administration would deem a threat to our democracy, thus requiring emergency measures.” – (See more at: http://nationalreport.net/secret-white-house-memos-reveal-obama-exploring-options-third-term/#sthash.VKec1lFi.dpuf) I would consider such remarks as quite serious. And Mr. Obama has a track record of saying he will not, then he does. At the National Press Club Dinner, Tavist Smiley made cracks about remaining in another term – and Obama was quick to put the kibosh on those ‘remarks’. . Seeing the track record of this President, I would advise anyone, you may want to prepare yourself – he just might make 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. his permanent residence.

President Obama had also asked Holder about possibilities regarding any legal constraints on a sitting President in times of martial law.

I would just ask you to consider this; his track record. He has never done what he said he would do, in fact, he has done the opposite. He has made many empty promises to the American people. And his track record has been untruthful.

I would also ask you to consider his own words; he said in 2014 – “I know many would like me to be able to change the law”. And Congress has also refered to him as a “King”. He thumbs his nose at the rule of law, and treats our Representatives as though they were a non entity. He has bypassed law. His own words- “I don’t have to run for office again”- and he doesn’t. He denieth too loud. And what I mean is – he has made this statement of a third term too many times, it is like he is telling us exactly what he intends to do. In his arrogance, or just delusion, he believes himself to be a good President. He has declared himself a unilateral, a law unto himself.

His claims of being a third term President are apalling at best, and he has been given a blank check. There is no accountability. He does as he wishes, and Congress just sits back and permits it. And he believes if a Republican were to win, then all of the glorious things he has done for our country would come apart at the seams. He stated he has an obligation to remain in for the American people. He says he isn’t finished and he has bigger plans for us. He has even gone so far as to say he intends to remain living in Washington after he leaves office – WTF is that supposed to mean? He has gone so far as to threaten if the American people don’t change the law, he will declare martial law.

I believe this President means every word he says. I believe he would use drastic measures if the American people don’t agree with him. Since when has he cared what the American people think, anyway? Don’t forget the NDAA and the Resources Preparedness bill, which gives him full control over all people and all resources – that means food, water, livestock, transportation, property, businesses, and so on. And that is in both times of peace and wartime. And this is where he could declare martial law. This isn’t a new bill – former Presidents enacted similar acts, but it allows broader authority to the President  than any of the past Executive Orders.

For nearly 8 years, we have seen repeated abuses of power. America has fallen under tyranny, and it really began before Obama, since the mid-nineties when Clinton enacted the Wildlands Project which Federalized 1/4 of our lands. We also saw the same sort of abuses under Bush, who can forget 9/11 -that was where the end began. We have seen repeated acts by both parties that were absolutely criminal, but Obama has been more brazen, and has demonstrated his hatred for this country more than any President. And though he has told us over and over, “I can’t run a third term, it’s unconstitutional”. When has that ever stopped this President? When has he ever considered if something was unconstitutional? So what would stop him from taking up permanent residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Absolutely nothing. I think we should brace ourselves, it could very well become a reality. God bless, and thank you for reading:)


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