Attack on Our Rights

It’s awesome how technology has advanced us so far – we can now, with a few dollars, have our own radio show. I also enjoy many of the net broadcasts -or podcasts. But there are a few that I think are doing it to grandstand. Like they have this inner need for fame or recognition, its really unprofessional and really disgusting when they are preaching just for money and attention. It is arrogance and God certainly won’t bless them for it.

I listen mostly to the truth community, and many of them are really good. They do their research and they have some really cool guests too. I have learned so much from listening to these shows – it is a blessing that we have that, and we have them. The truth movement is under attack by the federal government – and this is something we really need to fight. Our first amendment right is heavily under attack and I do pray about it. This has become a big part of my daily life, researching, reading and sharing.

I am not going to get off point with this too much, because my topic is about Internet radio truthers and evangelists, but I want to address the first amendment and how we are being attacked. The truth movement is called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and we are maligned by the mainstream and the elite. They pay their shills to get out there and defame reputations, trash people, make them look like tin foil hat wearing conspiracy kooks. Truth is, they are very threatened by the ones who are telling the truth. The powers that be do not want anyone knowing what they are really up to, but if you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, it isn’t that difficult to recognize. They tell us their goals in Hollywood predictive programming, in their tasteless sitcoms and adult cartoons ( I think the adult cartoons like Family Guy are designed to destroy the family unit – it is the most immoral program on television). Many really gifted people are able to interpret and translate some of the messaging in movies, TV, etc. And they hold their satanic rituals at the Superbowl halftime shows, at any entertainment awards ceremony, and other events. They are truly serving the devil, and it is disturbing at best. And these are the same people who are attacking the First Amendment – it is a right, endowed by our Creator, and Satans tools are trying to quell it in many areas – hate speech is just one of them. I am not advocating hate speech, but it is how they are going about it by demonizing Christians if they do not agree with Islam. There are many evil facets of Islam. It should not be protected as a religion, because it isn’t. It is a political system. I will save that for another blog.

The latest report I heard was by a YouTuber – he has a truth channel and a publication online. He is very good, very informative. Well, he broke out with a video a few days ago telling us about YouTube changing a great deal of their rules, which may cost us all our channels. It is the powers again, they are quelling the truth by controlling what we share. They want to make it so the independent media cannot make videos that are news or politics, because they are not ‘qualified journalists’. Freedom of the press is one of our rights – because it is sharing information. Our state run media doesn’t even tell us the truth – and that is exactly why they wish to quell us. I am sure they will attack blogging soon, because it is just another form of alternative media. Right now, they are going after the YouTubers who publish daily. It is basically commentary on the events taking place in the world, so it shouldn’t even be called ‘journalism’. It is opinion. In this brave new world though, there will be no place for an opinion. You are a dissenter if you have an opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs. This is why they attack people so often – to malign and destroy their credibility. That is how liberals do it – they attack when you hit them with the truth. Usually with ‘you’re a racist’. So the powers do this in much the same way. They use their shills to attack the truth tellers, because they want others who view – to think they are a conspiracy kook or something like that. This brave new world will have one mind. Individualism will not be tolerated. How dare you think of yourself! It isn’t for the common good – the collective. This is the new think. This is the evil social engineering they are trying to ram down our throats. It is really sick. They see the masses as stupid animals that they can control. They even refer to us as ‘the herd’ or ‘cannon fodder’. Well, there are many of these people who are already in hell, and they are Satans cannon fodder and no one cares. This is their ultimate goal, to control all humans – monitor their every move, monitor their communication, their financial transactions, their lifestyles, etc. See UN Agenda 21 about that – because that is exactly what it is. A blueprint for tyranny. Anything that is ‘socialized’ is just the beginning. When you hear ‘public/private partnership’ – that is socialism. We do live in a socialist society now, the free America that once was, is gone forever. This is why they are dismantling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You don’t deserve any rights, the government will decide what you have a right to. You have a right to shitty socialized Obamacare – substandard medical with long lines and long waiting lists. Shortages, death panels of people who decide if you are valuable enough to try to save. If you are old, better to let you just die instead of give any quality care. And make public your medical records – makes one think of Nazi Germany, their Eugenics program (which they got from us). Hitler wanted a perfect race, and he euthanized and sterilized many people who were socially ‘unfit’. My health is failing, and someday, they may decide to just let me die, instead of allowing my doctor to treat me. The crazy thing is – there is a difference between a right and a privelege. A right is granted by God. You have a right to think. You have a right to worship as you wish. You have a right to speak without being silenced. God gives us many rights, and this evil global agenda is going to take away our rights. They already are. California is now a slave state, pretty much. Their elected officials and NGOs are so arrogant. They don’t listen to their constituants, and they do not care. This agenda has been fought tooth and nail, and there is currently a litigation ongoing.They are going through with the One Bay Area plan and the regionalization of the entire state, even though no one wants it. This move puts an end to local government – now, instead of Contra Costa County, it is regionalized with 9 other counties so it is one ‘region’.I will post references at the bottom of the page. And I do not care if you call me a conspiracy kook, this is going to happen all over the US. Along with the North American Union (open borders with Mexico and Canada), the local planners will be introducing ‘human settlements’. This is the Mega Cities project (there are maps online, and it is real). And eventually, instead of independent states, we will be regionalized into 10 parts – (this is also real, and there is a map to prove that). This idea is decades in the making, it was first introduced in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit (see my earlier blog about UN Agenda 21).I still highly recommend reading ‘Behind the Green Mask’ by Rosa Koire. She is an expert on UN Agenda 21 (now ramped up to Agenda 2030, same thing, only at a faster and more totalitarian pace).

Even though that last rant may seem like I got off track, I really didn’t, because it has everything to do with our rights. It is the plan to remove our rights for good, it is a totalitarian plan for globalization and standardization, that is how they will be able to micro manage everyone and everything.

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a rock, I feel like I write this stuff to inform people, and they just aren’t taking it in. No one seems concerned. And that is exactly what the powers want, they do not want you engaged. Why do you think we have cell phones now? They are disconnecting us from our families, our friends, everything. They don’t want us poking around in their business, finding out what they are doing to us, telling others what they are doing to us. They tell you – go shopping, or watch the game, or go grab a bite to eat, go back to sleep. They want those to remain ignorant so they cannot get involved. Well, I am involved now, and trying to do something about it. We are losing our freedoms, it is happening right under our nose. Every day, and not too many people are paying attention. It’s time to wake up, because they are stealing our country from us. They are bringing in hordes of third worlders to destroy us, and no one is paying attention. These people are being brought here by one organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center – yes, they call this thing they are doing – social justice. If you live in a nice middle class neighborhood, well, they are going to move these people in to your neighborhood. The way they see it, it  isn’t fair that you worked hard and have a nice home, a car and are able to provide well for yourself – they believe these people, even though they didn’t work for it, deserve it too. They don’t deserve to live in the third world, we need to share with them – take what you have and give it to them – redistribution of your wealth, not their wealth. And the guy behind the scenes doing this is one of the wealthiest people in the world, George Soros. If you are middle class, you are their target. They hate us more than anyone, because they see us as the greatest consumers. This is getting into UN Agenda 21 again, but this is how they are laying the groundwork for their globalization. Think of the book 1984, this is what they are modeling after. Just take a look at Europe. The EU forced their countries to take in millions of refugees, and it hasn’t done any of these countries any good. It has been eating away at the culture of these beautiful countries, the demographs have changed dramatically. Sweden once had the lowest crime rate in the world, now one out of every 5 Swedish girls will be raped – not by a Swede, by a migrant from another country. The rate of immigration in France is so high, France will be an Islamic state within 15 years. There are more mosques than there are churches. Fifty percent of the babies born in most EU states are named Mohammed. The goal of the EU (which is the UN) is to collapse these countries from within – by overloading them with government handouts to these refugees, all on the backs of the naturalized citizens. These are the goals of the United Nations – they seek to run the world and take away our inalienable rights – rights that we were born with, rights endowed by our Creator, and replace them with their ideas of rights – the kinds of rights granted by a tyrannical oppressive governance that they can grant, or take away. The UN Constitution is not anything close to the Constitution of the United States. It doesn’t recognize individual rights, like private property. These people are obsessed with population control. I could write a book about that. We need to take back our country. The UN has imposed itself on us, and its time for us to get out. We need to pray that our Heavenly Father will give us another chance, and not leave a dark oppressive world to our children. I don’t recognize this place. This isn’t the America I grew up in. Let’s take back our country, and expose the people who want to destroy this precious gift that God gave to us. They hate everything that is good. They hate everything that is moral or decent. There is no place for that in this country, or in this world for that matter, but the facts are – evil is alive and well, and the only way to stop it is to expose it. If your fed up like me, we need to do something. God bless, and thank you for reading:)

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