I’m gonna rant

I don’t have a huge following here, and it doesn’t matter to me. I research, and I will write usually about what I am researching on. But I never take the words from another without their permission. Like when I wrote about Chemtrails – I asked Dane Wigington if I could quote him on what I wrote. He is an expert and the best source if you want to know anything about it. Well, lately, I have been researching CERN. It is the huge hadron particle collider in Switzerland, and a lot of people do not know the truth about it. So, I pulled up a podcast and listened to a man who knows a lot about it – he has written 3 books, he has a website, and he understands quantum physics. He is also blessed when it comes to interpreting this project so the layman can understand it. I would still be scratching my head if he weren’t out there telling us about it.

So, why do I want to rant? Because a few people in the truth community and the ministry are being plagiarized. There is a guy on YouTube, and I am not going to mention any names, has a very profitable ministry on YT – and many people have exposed him as a liar. Well, I thought I might give him the benefit of the doubt. I decided to play his program about CERN. Now, he repeated someone else – word for word. I mean, all of his ‘expertise’ is like this. He will just take the words of another, via article or podcast, and deceive his listeners into believing he is the expert and knows everything about the topic, when he really knows nothing. He is a commentator on a fraud ministry on YouTube – he has made claims that he is a high rank in the military and has all kinds of security clearance. If it were true, he wouldn’t be advertising it. My ex husband is a 20 year vet, and I know, if someone has clearance, they are not allowed to even discuss it until they are retired. He is a liar, and I am happy there are many out there who are exposing this liar. There are many young followers who are really serious about being Christian, and expect a truthful minister, not someone who lies to them. He is misleading a lot of people (and so is the fraud he works with). That’s all I wanted to write about. There are people who do extensive research, they pour their heart and soul into it. It is not only unfair to the researcher, it is extremely dishonest. I pray their channel will be booted. They are dangerous because they pose as meek sheep, but they are doing the works of Satan. Thank you for reading.

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