UN Agenda 21 – The Blueprint for One World Government

What is UN Agenda 21? Kinda sounds like Area 51 or Catch 22, well, it isn’t either. UN Agenda 21 is a stealth plan that was created by the United Nations in 1992, and was launched at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. This meeting was held to discuss the global warming issue, and Agenda 21 was introduced as their solution to combat the problem of global warming.

I recently wrote a blog about climate change so I thought this topic was perfect to accompany it, in fact this document was written because of global warming. I am an outspoken opponent of UN Agenda 21, and I try to bring awareness to as many people as I can, because this is another scam being perpetrated on not  just the US, but the entire globe. And it seems UN Agenda 21 is in everything. And their goal was to get this into every town in the entire world. So, they collaborated with a group of planners, and had them create a document that would bring the idea to local areas. It took about 6 years, but they came up with a program called ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. So that is it’s strength, but, because we are local, we can fight it, so it is also its weakness. It is a takeover of our sovereignty, our freedoms, our rights as individuals. Of course, the name of the local program has changed, because international has no place in a local community, so they call it ‘Smart Growth” or ‘Sustainable Development’ or ‘Smart Green’. Instead of laws, they create “codes” and “ordinances”- so if you are in violation of one of these codes or ordinances, they can haul you off to jail for letting your lawn grow too tall, and you can even lose your house in some cases. So, I am going to explain this thing the best way I can.

Climate change is the reason this document was written. I don’t know if ”climate change” or “global warming” even exists, according to some climate scientists, it is a hoax, and it is junk science. But, I do know this evil thing Agenda 21 is real, and it is a totalitarian takeover. The sole purpose of this is so the elitists can inventory and control every aspect of our lives, including us. All of this is documented. Their idea of the perfect world is based on some Orwellian idea of monitoring all people – this is where the Megacities project comes from. There are 11 megacity ‘regions’ in the US (but it will no longer be the United States, it will be the NAFTA, or the North American Union, NAU). You can find these maps on line – while you are looking at that map, look up the Wildlands project, that is the reason most of the lands in the west are becoming federalized. They are doing this under the pretense that wildlife needs to be returned to nature, so no human will be allowed to enter the red zones on the map. The yellow zones are ‘buffer zones’ – highly restricted to humans. We will only be allowed in the black zones – yes, those little black dots you see on the map are where they intend to herd everyone, infact, that is how the elitist refer to us – cannon fodder, or ‘herd management’. The elitists do not see us as humans, infact, they do not even see us as animals, they refer to us as ‘useless eaters’ or ‘cannon fodder’. What I tell you here is also well documented.

We are losing our freedoms to this, everything here is going under UN Charter. In 2005, our government sold our sovereignty down the road – we are now under a great deal of UN law, the only things holding them back are our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. We now have a president who wants to do away with all of our original documents, he says they are antiquated, and we must change with the times. The Constitution has been time tested, and thank God for a few people who are still in Congress who are willing to keep our sovereignty.

This new thing coming down the pike is Jade Helm 15, it is a drill being launched in the 7 western states, and even though we are being told it is only a drill, it is more than that. The elite forces from all branches of the military, along with local police, will be performing ‘drills’ in the event of an emergency – (like martial law). Speculation insists it is a ‘gun grab’ – or a military takeover of the US. Other speculation is it is ‘dissident extraction’ – get rid of the gun lovers, the Contitutionalists, the Libertarians, the Christians, Veterans of Iraq war, just to name a few. They see anyone in these groups as a threat. Whatever is going on, it is changes coming to the US.

So, when we put all of these things together, Agenda 21, Jade Helm, the militarization of our police, – we can see how the UN is taking over – we are losing, or maybe have already lost our sovereignty. Wake up America, you are being taken over by a totalitarian regime, and it isn’t going away any time soon. I consider the European Union, what is happening there, is soon to happen here. We can expect it, some of this has already taken place. It is only a matter of time, and we will look exactly like the EU – who have communists in charge, who have robbed their countries of everything, eliminated their middle class, and impoverished many. We should no longer be asleep at the wheel.

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