The Climate Change Fable

Today, I would like to write about – of all things, climate change. It’s a topic we are all familiar with, and most people feel it is a real crisis, and we must all do our part to remedy the crisis. So, we have made changes in our lives like conserving water, conserving energy – buying those energy saver light bulbs (which require a hazmat team to clean up incase they break) And of course, recycling our plastics and glass products. And we certainly do not want to pass on the crisis to our children and grandchildren, so we feel obligated to do our part.

Well, I bought into the Al Gore alarmist rhetoric, And I have heard the debates, is it real or isn’t it? And after hearing some of the disputes, it did make me question, is this alarmist? or is this a real threat? So, I did my own homework, and it seems this is an elaborate hoax, perpetrated on every person in every country on the entire planet. And it is documented, on a leaked UN report made in the 1960s. I will get into that in a bit.

It is no secret that many scientists do receive big money for their research, and it is no secret that they are also paid to come up with anything to make their findings “real”. But they have another problem, the climate scientists who do know the truth, and are able to debunk this “junk science”. And these scientists who do tell the truth- do it at the risk of their reputations being muddied. It would appear that science is just more big business, and it is the power elite who are funding the junk science.

The Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2009 was the meeting of the globalists to enact Cap and Trade on us. Their science concludes the reason for the planet warming is caused by humans and livestock. We are producing too much CO2 (the air we exhale). There are too many of us on the planet, and it is all our fault the globe is in such peril. So, we need to begin making some drastic changes, or pay the price, literally. So, this is why I feel the need to write, incase any of my readers do not know. I will do my very best to explain this in the best way possible. So, I will start with this, Global warming was an idea for a “global crisis” the global elite came up with over 50 years ago at a weekend retreat called “Iron Mountain” (If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend it. It goes deep into the psyche of these few people in charge of the entire globe). The documentary can be viewed on YouTube, and it is the best evidence this “crisis” is a scam, and an evil one at that, because, these people who developed this scheme, are not only telling us there is an imminent threat, but they are also blaming it on us, merely because we exist. The people of whom I speak are the 5% of this world who have too much money (all attained by greed) and basically run the planet. This 5% are homicidal psychopaths. Their solution to the global warming problem is to depopulate. Currently, there are 7.2 billion people on the planet, their goal is to have about one billion. So, how they plan to do this, only they know. They spray us like bugs every day (chemtrails), they have criminalized organic foods, and insist on feeding us GMOs, meats injected with cancer causing antibiotics, steroids, and fillers, now most of our foods are irradiated (radiation), they make it law to inject our children with deadly vaccines (and they have proven these ‘vaccines’ contain mercury – and it has been linked to Altzheimers), they have rammed socialized medicine (Obamacare) down our throats to guarantee we receive sub standard health care, and the list goes on.

The fact is, climate has always changed.  Between 1940 and 1970, there was actually a cooling trend, and again over the past ten years, the globe has been cooling. Thus, changing the nomenclature from :”global warming”  to “climate change”. Their “science” is based solely on man made global warming, and none of their science takes into account how much the sun impacts global warming, infact they will adamantly deny the sun has any impact. Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” is based on this complicated junk science. It is comical how his exaggerated and inaccurate predictions are “catastrophic” . He predicts a rise of sea level of over 20 feet over the next 20 years.

Truth be told, CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas, 95% of it is water vapor. Carbon dioxide isn’t the cause of warming, in fact, it is proven to be the opposite. Man-caused global warming is debunked. The hypothesis of the global warming is falsified by the evidence. It is also untrue that animals are causing global warming. The ocean is the main reservoir for CO2. The sun is the only contributor to global warming. It is the only source for warming the planet. Scientists who have nothing to gain have proven that. It is really a common sense and simple conclusion.

The politicians got involved, which just gave money to the lie. The globalists-environmentalists have more of a stake in this than weather – it has connection to Agenda 21. They are anti-capitalist, anti-development, anti-vehicles,in fact the goal is to return us to pre-industrial age.

The propaganda is humorous, even a half a degree change in temperature at the poles could cause catastrophic melting at the poles – alarmist.

The environmentalists like the Sierra Club are helping to spread the lie about climate change, truth be known it has warmed 0.1% since 1978, and nearly 0% change since 1998.The government NOAA is also promoting the lie on their website.

“Wacky wonky weather” – Yes, we have experienced wonky weather, hurricanes, tornadoes. devastating snow storms, we also have an effective weather weapon – it’s called HAARP. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is responsible for wicked hurricanes, ice storms, intense downpours on one side of the country, while significant drought on the other. 2011-2014 California’s drought, man-made evil manipulation. “Tesla” technology – this weather instrument is able to send high levels of radiation into the ionosphere – The ionospheric research instrument (IRI) – this is a high powered radio frequency transmitter operates in hi-frequency. It is responsible for the mass die offs – especially in the Pacific.It is documented that the globalists needed a crisis to make the radical changes necessary to have their one world government. It would take billions of dollars in funding to prove that it exists. Maurice Strong headed up the Climate Conference in 1990, it was a “the sky is falling” campaign. So, Professor Revelle made his speech – he said he had serious doubts about carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas that is causing significant “effect” of global warming. He began this frenzy, and then he recanted it. Then he said, it may not be for real, But Al Gore insists on pushing the agenda and his position remains. Another contributor to the wonky weather and it is being caused by man – but it doesn’t have a carbon footprint- it is the geoengineering which is taking place right over our heads, in our skies, every day. I have written about this topic before, and I plan on writing about it again. This time it will be about California – on a one way street -determined to self destruct and on board with the climate change scam.

The science doesn’t exist. CO2 is not causing global warming! There is a petition filed against this fallacy. The true agenda isn’t even about the environment, it is about global governance. There are approximately 31,000 scientists who have researched and concluded there is no scientific evidence to support it, It has no teeth. But the globalists and environmentalists insist that it’s real. And the bottom line scheme, is global control.

Lord Christopher Mounckton has been an outspoken opponent to the climate change scam. He was advisor to Britains Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he is a journalist, economist, and climate change denier. He has clearly debunked this science as junk (IPCC Report). He is remarkable at demonstrating how the Pro-Climate Change scientists used smoke and mirrors and confusion to intensify the “scars” of global warming. He debunked the 1995 report submitted that says humans are the cause of global warming.

I will be writing again about this evil scam called climate change, or global warming – they have to change the name every time it is exposed. That is how all of these global agenda programs are. Once the plot is revealed, they change the name. Same crap, different package. I will hopefully have more information about how successful the petition is getting.

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